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  • IASbaba
  • October 22, 2017
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Everything we experience becomes a part of us. The predicament of a human life has always been how to experience life without getting attached to our experiences. Attachment is the root of pain, suffering and frustration. The more attached we are to something, the more pain it causes. There is no other pain that can be compared to the pain of attachment.

Our entire quest is to find a non-sticky emotion repellent suit that keeps us away from unwanted attachments and suffering. Attachment is not all that bad when accompanied with conscious and mindful action. Attachment is a beautiful thing for a conscious mind. But how many of us are actually conscious of what we are doing and conscious of what is happening to us.

In a state of unconscious or let’s say partial consciousness, attachment becomes the biggest problem. The mind simply goes on gathering experiences; it becomes heavy and heavy, until that day comes when every step of life becomes a burden. A day will come when we have to think at least a 100 times before taking a single step.

The whole beauty and magic of life is in an experience that is not burdened by unnecessary attachment. In truth, it is not attachment that is the problem; attachment to our attachments is the problem. Vivekananda once said that the best way to live in this world is with a sense of detached attachment. The real secret to living lies in being in this state of detached attachment.

We have to be attached to everything around us to feel a part of it. We have to be attached to our parents, friends, family, society, culture and so many other things that not only add meaning to our lives, but nourish us and define who we are. By cultivating a sense of detachment deep within, it becomes infinitely easy to love, care, give and still be unburdened.

The single biggest problem with human beings is that we simply cannot allow things to happen naturally and effortlessly. We cannot let go of things. Our attachment to experiences is so deep that we easily get entangled in the web of life. If only we can see the sticky part of the web of life and learn to navigate around it, life becomes a truly magical experience.

Criticism, negativity, jealously, mistrust all have their roots in extreme attachment to the idea of who we are and what we are doing. With a little bit of detachment, it becomes extraordinarily easy to accept and accommodate people in our lives. With detachment, we can share, care and love with infinite intensity and depth. Only when we can step away from ourselves a little bit can we really see the purpose of life and what our role in it is.

We are looking at the world through the lenses called us. Everything we see is skewed and adjusted to our personality and desires. We rarely see things; we only see what we want to see. If only we can step away from ourselves and look at life with a little detachment, life unravels its mystery and reveals its magnificence.

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