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  • January 19, 2018
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Developmental Projects in North Eastern States


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General Studies 1

  • Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism.

General Studies 2

  • Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

General Studies 3

  • Infrastructure: Energy

North-east India for decades has seen poor infrastructure and limited connectivity which has acted as roadblocks for socio-economic development of eight states. Thus, now is the vision to develop north east region at par with nation. In Mizoram, PM inaugurated 60 MW Tuirial hydropower project which was sanctioned years ago. The cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA) cleared the project for implementation in July 1998.

Encourage the entrepreneurs

DONER ministry had set up 100 crore venture capital fund. This is to inculcate the spirit of enterprise among the north east youth which augers well for the entire region.

Reason for less development of north east states

  • Insurgency in Mizoram- 1966 to 1986
  • Naga insurgency dates back to pre-independence days. Only in 1970s there was some ceasefire. As there was lack of peace, not much development could happen
  • Assam also had lot of insurgency (ULFA) issues
  • Manipur is the only state which has remained undisturbed.

What matters in North east?

  • Until there is peace, no development can take place.
  • The attitude of the central government matters a lot.
    • DONER ministry (Development of North East Region) was established in 2000.
    • DONER ministry was created specially to look at the needs of the north east region and act as a planning commission for the region and agency between the state governments and central ministries.
    • It bridged the gap between state government and central government. Every fortnight, one of the central ministers will be visiting on rotation to each of the north eastern states. Instead of waiting for officers from north east to visit Delhi, the DONER ministry started visiting the states.
    • Government now aims to work at war footing pace to bring development in north eastern region at par with that of nation.
  • For any development, industrial or IT, power is a necessity. No power, no industry, no IT activities.
    • The entire region is interconnected. If there is problem in one area, the entire corridor is affected.
    • There is comprehensive scheme for power transmission and distribution for north east. There are other hydropower projects too with installation of 694 MWs of power generating capacity.
    • 2540 kms of transmission lines and distribution lines have already been laid.
  • Connectivity in the north east region is a major hurdle for the government.
    • 3840kms of national highway was sanctioned with investment of 32600 crores.
    • In the last three years, approx. 1100 kms of national highways have been constructed.
    • Investment of 60000 crore is proposed for roads in the north east region.
    • A highway was inaugurated in shillong which is very important for any development in the states as good highway cut shorts the travel time.
    • North east road development scheme for rehabilitation, upgradation of important but neglected state roads.
  • Making north east tourist friendly.
    • Recently, Sangai festival concluded in Manipur, festival in Mizoram. Tourists from mainland india as well as broad are coming to north east.
    • Rs 2700 crores sanctioned in 2016 to protect the Majuli Island from erosion. It is a world heritage site and thus attracts more tourists.
    • Destination north east is organized every year to boost business and tourism.
    • Development of Umiyam lake under swadesh darshan scheme (barapani in meghalaya).
    • Development of spiritual circuit in manipur as it has traces of old culture, heritage sites.
    • Development of tourist circuit in Sikkim
    • Planning to start a tribal circuit in Nagaland
    • Homestays and hotels have come up in these areas.
  • North east importance in act east policy
    • North east is gateway to south East Asia- borders will Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan.
    • GoI is keen to create all the infrastructure in the north east and strengthening the connectivity between north east and ASEAN countries in trade, culture, people to people contact and infrastructure.

Role of north east council

The North-Eastern Council (NEC) is a nodal agency for economic and social development of the north-east. The NEC members include governors and chief ministers of these eight states. It is implementing body of DONER ministry. It monitors whatever the projects are sanctioned by DONER ministry are properly implemented. NEC has spent 2309 crores in last three years to develop the region. The number of projects handled by NEC has risen from 56 to 138 in 2016-17 compared to 2014-15.


Given the north-eastern region’s strategic location, India has been keen to involve countries of South East Asia and East Asia in its development. The ten key areas for development of north east are highways, railways, power, internet, BPOs, Organic food, assistance, timely implementation of projects for job creation, tourism and development of rural areas. The pro-active approach in the north east region is the key to give fillip to development of the region.

Connecting the dots:

  • ‘North east India has the resources to develop itself. It only needs capacity building and hand holding from central government.’ Do you agree with this statement? Analyse.

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