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  • February 12, 2018
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The Big Picture- RSTV
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Indian Diaspora: Global Mark


TOPIC: General Studies 2

  • Indian diaspora

In news: The Indian diaspora is getting influential across the world so much so that there are 285 people of Indian origin in various positions of leadership such as Heads of state and governments, senators, state leaders and members of parliaments. In a unique initiative to forge ties with this influential diaspora, India hosted the first ever PIO Parliamentarian conference. The PIO Parliamentary Conference is expected to see 125 parliamentarians of Indian origin. This conference is only for MPs and mayors and not ministers and heads of states and governments MPs and mayors and not ministers and heads of states and governments because regular interactions already happen at that level.

Guyana is sending the largest delegation of 20 MPs and 3 mayors followed by Trinidad and Tobago, UK and Mauritius. Despite the rise of Indians in state governments and senate, US congress is sending 2 senate as it was in session during the conference period. This initiative will be a great platform for India and rest of world for tie up for political and economic empowerment

Indian Diaspora- Length and breadth

  • The Indian diaspora around the world now stands at 31.2 million.
  • In recent times, the government has laid a strong foundation by making diplomacy people-centric with government’s constant interaction with the Indian diaspora.
  • The idea of the event is to “break the barriers” that may have existed due to the lack of communication between India and any of the other country.
  • It was also an occasion for many countries to upgrade their idea and image about India which is more than slums and poverty.

Take away from conference

  • India can help its diaspora in other countries in health and education with its remarkable improvement.
  • Medical tourism and travel is one of the biggest takeways
  • Technology transfer can help countries to mutually grow in this technology-aided times.
  • Sports is one area where India and other countries like Kenya, South Africa can collaborate for better opportunities for sportspersons
  • The conference is a good opportunity to interact with other MPs of various nations. The information and initiative will be shared during the conference will help countries to bring in improvement in their functioning.
  • New ideas of synergy can be made and relations can be taken forward.
  • The conference aimed also to teach about governance of India, policies, protocols etc. so as to learn and adopt from it.

Segmentation of Indian diaspora

There are four segments of the Indian diaspora:

  • The diaspora in the Gulf numbering around 8.5 million;
  • Older diaspora who went as indentured labour numbering around 1.7 million;
  • People who hold Indian citizenship but are living abroad;
  • The floating overseas Indians that include students and people going for short and research purposes.

End note

The Indian diaspora is the bridge between their nation and India where they can grow simultaneously for betterment of their citizens. The MPs aimed to concentrate on progress that India has made since 1947. The Indian diaspora can compare themselves with each other and become more developed together. The government connection between countries should be encouraged by MPs of Indian origin. Moreover, India’s foreign policy is respected by the Indian diaspora for its non-interference, cooperative and understanding stand. The future holds great place for India to bank upon its diaspora for economic development and geographical influence.

Connecting the dots:

  • Indian Diaspora is India’s asset in disguise. Elaorate with suitable examples.

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