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  • IAS baba
  • February 12, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Become an Individual:

You are not a single individual; you are a mob. If you were a single individual you would have had total control over your mind and body. If you were an individual you would not have to struggle to instruct your mind and body to do what you want them to do. If you were an individual, you could have simply told your mind to do something and it would have done it without complaining.

You are a different person in the morning and a different person in the evening. You are a different person when relaxed and a different person when angry. You are a different person in success and a different person in failure. You are a collection of individuals. This is why it is so difficult to control and direct your mind and body.

The first step on the path of success is becoming an individual. This might all sound crazy, but if you observe yourself experientially from moment to moment, you will see what I am talking about. It takes enormous effort for you to follow through on your commitments because you are not a single person.

You can tell yourself before going to bed that you will wake up at 5 in the morning but when you wake up at 5, since you are a totally different person, you simply go back to bed. The person who is making the decision to do something is different from the person who actually does it.

When I say you are mob, I don’t mean it literally. Of course physically you are one individual and you remain that individual throughout your life. Although you are physically one, you are psychologically, emotionally and behaviorally made up of a collection of individuals. It is as if you have different compartments in your mind and each one of these different personalities is locked up in one of the rooms and the key is forgotten.

The first step in becoming a single, coherent individual is to unlock these various personalities and let them interact with each other. Face your different emotions, personalities, fears and prejudices. Do not hide behind the veil of excuses and explanations. Look at this crowd that is within you honestly and objectively. Slowly by and by through observation, you will discern a pattern.

Hidden behind all these different personalities is your true individuality. The day you are able to identify this individuality, you become a totally different person. You become a complete individual for the first time. Then there is no more effort and striving. It is infinitely easier to deal with an individual; it is infinitely easier to deal with one coherent individual. Till you become this individual, everything you do is an effort.

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