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  • IAS baba
  • March 18, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Beyond Your Limits:

Most of you have absolutely no clue about your true capabilities. This is because people have always recognized and pointed out your limitations. That is the bitter truth of growing up. Very rarely do people point out the best of who you are. Criticism comes naturally, so people are always ready to point out what is wrong with you.

In this sense, you might almost be 90% negativity. This might sound a little absurd when you listen to it for the first time. But take a moment and reflect on this. How much of your daily thought process is fueled by uncertainties, fears and insecurities. And how much of it comes from people around you.

Apart from constant negativity around you and being affected by it, your own mind participates in this process. Your mind loves to remember and reflect on all the negative things that have happened in your life. Somehow your mind doesn’t like the idea of forgetting and moving on. Mind is obsessed with negativity.

Seen this way, it is not that hard to imagine how much of hard work it takes to go beyond negativity. This is the greatest challenge facing you. There is no other challenge bigger than this; there is no other obstacle greater than this. There is absolutely nothing standing in your away except for your own negative thinking that has been a byproduct of growing up.

Growing up is simply a way of going beyond all these negatives and looking at life from a new perspective. Growing up in this sense is not a gradual process. It happens in certain key moments when you discard the old and take a leap into the future. Growing up doesn’t take time. It just takes a single intense moment to see what is holding you back and breaking away from it.

Those who have accepted their entire past and reconciled with it can move freely into the future. If you are finding it difficult to understand your life and finding it difficult to make sense of it, it is only because of the baggage that you are already carrying. It takes courage to put down all your negativities and embrace your individuality.

Most of the time we think like a mob; a collection of ideas and concepts people have heaped on your psyche. Every step you take is a challenge because you have to make this mob understand what is it that you are trying to do. Only when you become an individual can you move forward freely. And becoming an individual is just a matter of bundling your entire past and throwing it some corner of your mind.

Your past should only be a reference manual; it cannot become your guiding process. If you can learn to look forward most of the time, only turning back once in a while to learn from the past, you can move beyond all your negativities. That is when you will go beyond all your limitations.


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