Creative Guidance: Book Review – Become what you are – Alan Watts

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  • March 23, 2018
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Become What You Are : Alan Watts

Life is simply here and now in the present moment. Everything else simply passes by; only this moment remains. In his beautiful book ‘Become what you are’ Alan Watts introduces one to the art of being in the moment and understanding the importance of it.


Life is a constant and endless sequence of activities. Whether those activities make sense or not, they just keep on going. Learning the art of being in the moment helps one to be rooted in the experience of the present. This helps one to go beyond the disturbances of the constantly oscillating mind.

The most important quality about you is your uniqueness. You have to travel very far before deciding to become yourself. That is the whole message of this book. How to find your true inner self and be rooted in the experience of being you? There is nothing more important than knowing that what you are searching for is yourself.

Explore this beautiful book to get a deeper insight into this moment and your life.


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