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  • IAS baba
  • April 1, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Fundamentals of Living:

As the saying goes, ‘Some things never change’ there is a fundamental reality to life that never changes. There the part that is changing all the time in every age and generation is the most easily recognizable part of life; the outer most layer of life. There is another inner dimension to life that never changes.

An individual’s quest to understand his/her life and make the best out of it has been one of the most fundamental driving forces throughout the ages. Individuals in every generation have tried to understand the nature of reality and social circumstances surrounding them and they have tried to master themselves amidst of all the turmoil.

Growing conditions, social circumstances, rules and regulations, opportunities and chances, deception and failures have been an integral part of every generation. These things have also been constantly changing depending on various prevailing factors of that time. This is the constantly changing part of life. No two people have ever been presented with the same set of circumstances.

The part that is most important for an individual to understand is that the fundamentals of successful living have never changed. Irrespective of the time and age one is born in the core rules of living has never changed. Effort, hard work, intelligence and intent, application and adaptation, awareness and insight, honesty and integrity have always remained the true essentials of successful and contented living.

The moment an individual forgets these core principals and tries to adapt too much to the constantly changing, ever deceptive world, by letting go of his fundamental principles of living, he will end up simply drifting here, eventually to live a life of no meaning and purpose.

The only thing that can provide a sense of direction to an individual’s progress in the world is the principle on which he basis his life. A man is nothing but his philosophy of life. If his philosophy does not include love, kindness, compassion, intelligence, awareness, hard work and honesty, he is doomed to extinction.

A man without principals is virtually non-existential; he exists only for himself, as far as the world is concerned he simply does not exist. This has to be obvious because it is impossible for people to remember you if you don’t have your core integral values. On a longer run nobody cares about how you look and behave. The only thing that matters on a longer run is if people can identify you with certain core set of principles.

In this sense, the fundamentals of living never changes. Who you are is infinitely more important than what you are doing. The only thing you will leave back for people to remember from your long life of strive and struggle is your core principles of life. Your fundamental principle of life is your only identity.

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