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  • April 3, 2018
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e-Way Bill


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  • General Studies 2: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation

What is e-Way Bill?

An electronic ticket which is generated online for movement of goods costing over INR 50,000/-

One of three tools for tackling tax evasion under the GST regime, along with invoice matching and the requirement of large businesses sourcing products and services from micro and small businesses –

  • To collect taxes from them and pay to the government on their behalf under a “reverse charge mechanism”
  • Help boost tax collections by clamping down on trade that currently happens on cash basis

A single electronic way (e-way) bill will apply even in cases of a break in journey to destination and where more than one transporter is involved in the transportation of goods under e-way bill system.

Division between Industry and Government

Manner in which the idea of it has been conceived: This is a device that has been put into functioning to plug revenue gaps as almost 84% of returns not tallying. This will allow the government to identify the movement of goods leaving a factory gate and reaching the consumer/dealer, and the form in which they are travelling. Introduction of inspector raj, random checks leading to entry barriers.

Speed of logistics might be impacted: This methodology should not mean a return of Inspector Raj. If that happens, it will lead to congestion at the border due to random physical checks. This means harassment and delay that needs to be eliminated from the entire system.

Not a robust technology platform: There have been reports of collapse of the website due to inability of taking on the load. Backup for generation of new e-Way bills need to be ensured. Also, there must be a provision made to generate the bill offline.

The Way Ahead

For successful implementation of the e-Way Bill, Government needs to ensure the following:

  • The Bill should be implemented in its entirety that should address the concerns of the industrial community
  • The measures and guidelines should be streamlined and needs to be elaborated so that the rules are transparent and there is no scope of discretion.
  • Usage of e-tag should be introduced and be made a reality.
  • Government officials at ground level should be sensitised

There definitely will be new challenges that would require to be addressed quickly that should not add further to the complexities.

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