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  • May 27, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Handling Emotions:

More than anything else, we are emotional creatures. Thinking and intelligence is only a tiny part of our life. Emotion is the very foundation of our existence. Learning how to handle emotional ups and downs is extremely important to understand ourselves and move towards certain goals.

It is not our thoughts that determine our state of mind. It is rather our state of mind that determines our thoughts. We generate particular thoughts based on our emotional state. If we are in a good positive emotional state, we generate good positive thoughts. Similarly if we are in a bad emotional state, we generate disturbing thoughts.

The whole secret of understanding ourselves and directing our lives in a certain direction is learning how to handle our emotional states. Emotion is a force. Once it catches hold of an individual, like a whirlwind, it disturbs every single aspect of his life. Once caught in a whirlwind, it is extremely difficult to have any control of our lives.

The secret to handling emotions is learning how to observe our emotional patterns throughout the day. The more we observe our emotional states, the easier it becomes to control them. Once we are able to gain enough control over our emotional states, we can gain enough control over our lives. Since emotion is the underlying structure of our thinking and living. Controlling emotions is like winning almost 90% of all the battle of our life.

Just think about this; can you generate nice positive thoughts when someone is poking you using a needle. It is very important to understand the role of body in being control of our emotions and generating positive thoughts. If the body is in a state of disturbance then your mind will be in a state of disturbance.

This is where practices like exercise, yoga and meditation go a long way in ensuring that you have a relaxed body that can help you to have a relaxed mind. Keeping the body relaxed is paramount for keeping the mind relaxed. Body is the trigger for all emotions which in turn is the trigger for all our thoughts.

Very often we keep working hard, struggling most of the time to accomplish something. We keep trying to understand why we are not able to generate the right kind of positive thoughts that can move our life in a certain direction. This is because we don’t have control over our bodies. If the trigger for negative emotions is the body then the only way to handle life’s ups and downs is learning how to keep our body relaxed.  This is where sleep, rest and exercise go a long way in controlling your emotions.

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