MOTIVATION-Are you a good Finisher? IASbaba’s message to the Candidates for the Last Few Days Left for Prelims 2018 (OPEN FULL MOCK PAPER 1 ON 16TH MAY)

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  • May 12, 2018
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Hello Friends,

Do you know them- MS Dhoni, Michael Bevan, Lance  Klusener and Mike Hussy? Of course, you know them. They are legends of cricket. But what is common among these Cricketers? Any guess? Yes, you guessed it right- they are known to be the best finishers the game of cricket has ever witnessed. Today we know them because even if they started their innings slowly and steadily, they would explode in the final slog overs and take their teams to the winning spot. It tells us the significance of the last few overs in the game of cricket. Even the apparently insurmountable targets can be achieved if the batsmen have the requisite power and the right temperament.

Isn’t Prelims the same? Aren’t the coming few days before Prelims same as the slog overs of a cricket match? However, the real question is- do you intend to be a Dhoni? Imagine yourself as Dhoni who has to score at a rate of 15 runs per over to win the game. How would you do it? You will muster all the strength and skills that you have to hit the remaining deliveries out of the park and take your side home. Won’t you? Your initial strike rate might be poor but you would manage to make up for that eventually. Ultimately you would forget the poor start that you had at the start of your innings.

Friends, it is time that you make full use of the remaining few days before prelims. Your efforts and inputs must be at their peak in the upcoming days, hours, minutes and seconds. With each passing day, you will need to up the tempo and give your best to succeed. You might be feeling today that your preparation is not up to the mark but that ain’t any reason to stop. Your preparation, the questions asked in Prelims and the result, aren’t necessarily in sync always. You do need a bit of luck to succeed. After all, we have seen tail enders hitting sixes and winning the match for their teams!

By no means, we are trying to downplay your preparation or compare you with the tail-enders. The only point we are trying to make here is that your efforts in the coming 15 days would matter the most. You might have started well but what if you have lost your way in between? What if you have grown overconfident without even realising it? All your efforts would go in vain then? Isn’t it?

So this is no time to rest or be complacent. You have got thousands of candidates to compete with and who knows, the final push might prove to be the game changer for you!

Here are some final do’s and don’ts for you in the last leg of your preparation:

Do’s Don’ts
Revise the scoring components of the syllabus like History, Polity, Geography and Economics. Devote at least 2 hours on each subject. Don’t start reading anything new or uncovered in Culture, Environment and Science.
Revise the current affairs. Devote at least an hour on it. Don’t divert your attention to the current affairs of the last one month.
Practice at least one CSAT paper in three days. Don’t ignore CSAT Paper II. Many candidates failed to even cross 33% marks in Paper II.
If possible, make a small and closed group of sincere candidates and discuss what you feel are important topics for this year. Ask questions to each other. Don’t interact with negative minded people.
Try to analyse the areas in which you have been making mistakes in the tests. Don’t repeat the same mistakes that you have been making, especially the silly ones.
Inculcate the habit of reading the questions at least twice. Don’t be in a hurry to answer questions.
Take at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Don’t compromise with your biological clock by sleeping during odd hours.
Take proper nutrition. Don’t eat junk food.



There will be an OPEN MOCK of General Studies (Paper 1), first on 16th May and second on 23rd May. 


Guidelines for Open Mock

  • Mock has to be taken in Offline Mode from wherever you are.
  • Download this OMR and keep a print of it. Download Here
  • On 16th May, once the Mock is uploaded, take a print of the question paper and solve it in the way you will do in the real exam.
  • Set a timer for the Mock and complete the same in 2 hours.
  • Upload the Screenshot of OMR in the comment section once you are done with the examination.
  • We will also provide a form wherein you have to fill your marks after the solution is updated.
  • We will release the cut off and Rank List as well.
  • Offline Mode is kept for your experience hence your honesty will let us know the exact rank list and cut off 🙂
  • Kindly note– These two mocks are the same as given in 60 Day Plan. We are conducting it before so that you have sufficient time for revision.


Finally, we have got one last thing to say- When you enter the examination hall, you shouldn’t have regrets about the last few days of your preparation. You should be able to pat on your back and say to yourself- “preparation well done”.


All the Best

IASbaba Team

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