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  • July 8, 2018
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Dealing with mood swings:

There are only two states of mind. One is a positive state of mind and the other is a negative state of mind. This might sound a little too simplistic, but the fact remains that we as human beings simply operate out of these two states of the mind.

When we operate out of a positive state of mind, we generate positive thoughts which lead to positive actions and outcomes, and when we operate out of a negative state of mind, we generate negative thoughts which almost always lead to negative outcomes.

Why does the mind swing between positive and negative moods? What controls our moods? This is extremely important to understand. Understanding this simple secret opens a door to limitless possibilities. Without understanding the source of our mood swings, we will never be able to accomplish anything significant.

Our mind works on the principle of associations. Each thought is associated with another thought glued together by a common emotion. A positive emotion generates only positive associations and saves it separately from the negative emotions. This is why it is impossible to be in a negative state of mind and think positively.

We are not driven by our thoughts; rather we are driven by our emotions. Understanding the nature of our mood swings is almost 90% of the battle of life won. It is almost as if we are two completely different people when we are in a positive state of mind and a negative state of mind. This is why very often we find it hard to believe how we could have reacted or acted in a particular way.

The only thing we need to handle in our lives is our mood swings. Just think about it. There is a state of mind in which you think anything is possible. You can generate the best of thoughts and intentions and the best of qualities. Similarly there is a state in which you feel like you are probably the most useless and miserable person in the whole universe, nothing is as pathetic as you are. There is a not a single person on this planet who has not experienced these two diametrically opposing states of mind.

Identifying the state of your mind is probably the most important skill you can develop. When you learn to identify your state of mind, you will know what to do when you enter a particular state. When you are able to identify a positive state of mind, you can use that state of mind to think, act and make important decisions. When you are in a negative state of mind, you should immediately recognize it become quiet. You should never make important life decisions when you are in a negative state of mind.

Understanding the nature of our mind and its mood swings helps us to be in control of our emotions and our thoughts. Without learning this ability, we will simply become a victim of our minds. Only a control over our mood swings gives us control over life and its unending challenges.

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