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  • July 1, 2018
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Know your limitations:

It is very easy to cover up your limitations by blind belief and faith. It is extremely easy to ignore the reality of your limitations and continue to live in a world of your imagination. It is absolutely imperative that you pay enough attention to your weaknesses as much as you would pay attention your strengths.

Limitation is not just one of the qualities of the mind and body; it is rather the very foundation of the functioning mechanism of life. Every step of the way of life you have to face the limitations of your understanding of life to eventually move beyond those limitations.

If you are not even willing to acknowledge and accept that you have a limitation, then you are simply ignoring the harsh reality of life. There is a small difference between overthinking about your limitations to allow it to hamper your progress and using the understanding of limitations to your advantage.

Let us take a few examples of real limitations that one ignores on the path while moving towards a goal. Attention span of the mind is one of the least understood aspects of life. When you make a serious attempt to understand how the mind functions, you will see how short the attention span of the mind is. If you pick up an activity and continue to do it for one hour, the mind is actively involved in that activity for not more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Attention span is one of the serious limitations of the functioning mechanism of the mind. When you begin to pay attention to this limitation, you will be able to notice the patterns that help you to overcome it. If you are able to improve your attention span, you are quite literally learning how to stretch time.

Similarly there are many other limitations of constant distraction, need for rest due to mental and physical fatigue, boredom, need for constant mental stimulation. These are severe limitations one has to consider before blindly believing that anything is possible.

One has to pursue a dream that they are passionate about, but at the same time one has to pay very close attention to their inner limitations. Only when you pay attention to your limitations, you can give yourself an opportunity to learn more about them and eventually learn how to go beyond them. Limitation is not a negative aspect of life; limitation can be extremely useful if you know how to deal with it.

Everybody possesses these limitations, only slightly different in quality and form from one another. This gives an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself by working on your limitations. While most people are simply ignoring the limitations of their minds and bodies, if you can understand your limitations and try to go beyond them, you will certainly be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It is infinitely better to be realistic about your dreams by observing your limitations, than to turn a blind eye to reality and regret it later.

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