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  • July 29, 2018
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Your Search:

The foundation of human life is search. There is no meaning to life if we are not searching. To understand the nature of our search is the whole purpose of our lives. The moment you understand what is it that you are actually searching for, it becomes easy to move towards it. Failure to understand this fundamental driving force of life is the root cause of all our problems.

Every day, right from the moment we get up from bed, till we go back to sleep at night, we are constantly searching; this is the wakeful part of our searching. Our search continues even while we are asleep as a part of our dreams. In a way, there is not a single moment in our lives when we are not searching.

Although searching and seeking adds meaning and purpose to our lives, it also brings in enormous amounts of pain and suffering. In a way, all our suffering is connected to our searching. There is no pain for the one who has stopped searching and the one who has stopped searching is either an awakened or a dead man. As for the rest, searching is living.

There are different parts to our searching; physical, emotional, psychological, social, creative, and existential. Our life is a constant struggle to try and satisfy ourselves in all these different dimensions. This is why a human being cannot be fully satisfied with any one thing. He is seeking for a completion of various different dimensions of his life.

Understanding this multidimensional need is very important in order to understand your life fully. Only when you acknowledge and accept this multidimensional need of yours, you can direct your life in any meaningful way. People who refuse to see this multidimensional need of their being are constantly tormented by their desires. This is why most people fail while only a few succeed.

It is possible to succeed in certain departments of life through accident. But if you want make your life itself a success then you must understand this constant need of yours to search. When you start paying attention to all your desires and how they are constantly pulling you in a thousand different directions, you will be able to see the root cause of your distractions and disturbances. Observation of your desires is the first step towards a successful life.

When you begin to clearly understand what is it that you are searching for, you will be able to organize your life accordingly. By observing your search, you will be able to prioritize your actions. You will also be able to understand how certain desires are impossible to simply push aside and continue to keep your mind focused on something. Understanding your daily search will help you to develop a balanced lifestyle which is a basic necessity to succeed at anything.

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