UPSC Prelims 2018 Results: Move Ahead with More Commitment (Special Congratulations to our ILP Students- Read this @ILP Students)

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  • July 14, 2018
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UPSC Prelims 2018 Results: Move ahead


So the wait is over! UPSC Prelims result is out and the fate of thousands of aspirants has been locked by the coveted pdf. But is there anything new this time? Not exactly! Baring the number and names of successful candidates, nothing actually changes year after year. For UPSC, conducting the Civil Services Examination is a job that they have done fairly well for many years. But for you, it is the holy grail of your career. But so what? Still, it doesn’t change a thing! The Civil Services Examination has been and will always be the same- a process that repeats itself year after year.

This is where the learning lies. What we understand as an end is a process and if we internalise this reality, nothing can stop us. This learning gives us the courage to face failures and overcome hurdles to succeed eventually. There are many who qualify prelims in the very first attempt but end up flunking Mains. On the other hand, there are many who have failed in multiple attempts to even qualify Prelims, become IAS in their last attempt. It signifies one thing- Civil Services Examination is a process and you are merely an actor in that. Success and failures mean little at this stage. In fact, success can sometimes be a roadblock while failures may prove to be a blessing in disguise. We don’t know if you have qualified Prelims this year. But we have a message for you:

If you have qualified: Congratulations! You have overcome the first hurdle. You have shown that hard work, perseverance and the will to give the best can make everything possible. You have earned a place in a list of selected few who would join the race to the next stage.

At this point of time, successful candidates have two options:

Option 1: Start celebrating and think that their talent and hard work have done the trick for them and that they can excel in the next stage also. In this process, they will grow arrogant, become complacent and even reduce their efforts.

It happens with a majority of candidates and more often than not, results are disastrous. One must realise that qualifying Prelims is neither the final destination nor a stamp of one’s intellectual superiority. Prelims simply filter the sincere candidates from a lot of almost half a million so that it becomes easier for UPSC to evaluate the candidates on certain parameters set by them.

Option 2: Be thankful that their efforts have paid off and start preparing for the next phase with more vigour and determination. If one belongs to this category, one’s chances of cracking Mains are high obviously. Final success in UPSC is made of small successes and qualifying prelims is one of them. One who realises this and becomes even more eager to do better in the next phase will surely taste success. We want you to be in this category.

Even those who couldn’t qualify will have two options:

Option 1: Become Devdas and start shedding tears for their ‘failure’. Those who choose this option get nothing out of it. People having a sense of entitlement suffer from this syndrome. They think that UPSC has been unkind and unfair to them and that they had given their best already.

Such an outlook drags the person back. It is a negative attitude that will take one nowhere.

Option 2: Overcome the pain of rejection and start introspecting. Many candidates would consider their failure in prelims a mere setback in a long journey. They will lose no time in gathering themselves up and start focussing on areas that have betrayed them in Prelims.

Such candidates would taste success in their next attempt. The best part about their positive attitude is that they consider small failures as a stepping stone just as successes are mere milestones. We want you to be in this category.

So Guys! Irrespective of the results, you have the only option left- MOVE! You must move in the right direction, accelerate at the right time and never hit the reverse gear. From here onwards you have to look forward and strive your best in the process,

Like always, our support and guidance will be there throughout your journey and we will stand by your side in your moments of doubt and sadness.

This year also, hundreds of IASbaba students from ILP, AIPTS and Offline Batches/C2C MAINS Students have cleared Prelims. We have been flooded with Thank You emails since morning and we can’t stop thanking you for your support and belief in us. We request all our ILP Students who have qualified for Mains 2018 to fill this form, there is a surprise for you 🙂


We are happy to announce that ILP, 2019 is going live today and our Offline Classes (ILP Offline) is commencing next week.

Moreover, our offline Mains Answer Writing Programme (C2C) is already underway. Apart from these initiatives, TLP Online (GS and Optional) is also running in full flow. You can take full advantage of these initiatives. The details of these programmes are given below:

To know about ILP Online-2019, Click here.

To know about AITPS-2019, Click here.

To know about our ILP Offline classes-2019, Click here.

To know about C2C,Mains Offline Answer Writing Mentorship Click here.

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Once again, we congratulate you on your success. In case you couldn’t qualify this year, we wish you luck and determination for your next attempt. And finally, we would like to reiterate that success or failure doesn’t mean anything if you fail to move. So buckle up guys and let’s move ahead.

NOTE- ILP 2019 user activation is underway. Kindly have patience. 

All the Best


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