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  • July 15, 2018
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Accepting Failures:

The first thing that might come to one’s mind when told to accept their failures is the idea of accepting defeat. Accepting failure is not the same as accepting defeat. There is a lot of difference between trying and failing and accepting defeat. This is a very important difference one needs to understand to be able to learn how to handle the innumerable failures one encounters on the path of life.

Life is not a bed of roses. For every success you will experience, there will be several failures. The very process of life is a play of success and failure. There is no meaning to life if you only keep succeeding. Think about it, what would happen to all those other people who are trying if you were to succeed every time you attempted something. Failure is a reality of life and one has to learn how to accept it.

The idea of success and failure only applies to the particular task you are trying to accomplish. Success or failure cannot define you as a person. You have to be something above the simple definitions of success and failures. You should have a sense of self that is independent of your successes and failures.

You can succeed and fail at something, but you yourself cannot succeed or fail. If you start feeling like a failure every time you fail at something then something has to change in the way you are looking at life; you have become too attached to your tasks and endeavors, and have lost a sense of your true self. When you fail every time a task fails then you have to change something about your approach to life.

When you learn the art of stepping aside from your successes and failures and learn how to look at your life as a process that is independent of your quest for success, you become something more than what you are trying to accomplish. Agreed that there are some things you want to achieve so badly that you are willing to put everything on the line, but there is absolutely nothing on this planet that you can achieve that you have already not achieved. You have already achieved the most magical thing that is possible to achieve, you have manage to manifest on this planet as a beautiful expression of life.

Your greatest achievement is you. Everything else comes after this. This might sound a little silly but if you actually think about it, there is nothing more precious and important in life than you. All your desires come after you. All your successes and failures come after you. Nothing in your life can be more significant than the very fact that you are here and alive.

Life is a game of ups and downs. You will fail most of the times and you will succeed a few times. This is the nature of life. When you learn to look at your life as something stupendously beautiful irrespective of your successes and failures, then the very idea of success and failure will not apply to you. You are trying to succeed at something only as a part of your creative expression of life, not to define for yourself who you are. There is nobody on this planet, including you, who can say with absolute certainty that you have already not succeeded.

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