UPSC Mains Answer Writing Programme- Think, Learn and Perform (TLP) 2019: Phase I

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  • October 22, 2018
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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Mains Answer Writing Programme UPSC, IASbaba Mains Answer Writing

Hello Friends, 

Welcome to UPSC Mains Answer Writing Programme- Think, Learn and Perform (TLP) 2019: Phase I

For a surgeon, it takes years of practice and experience to master the art of surgery. The precision required to perform complex surgeries comes from the confidence acquired in the years gone by. The same holds true for other professions and areas of expertise. What we do at IASbaba doesn’t only require precision but also anticipation. After all, we deal with an examination conducted by UPSC, a body known for its unpredictability. Mains Answer Writing is a very important component of your preparation and the last 3.5 years have shown the mettle of IASbaba Mains Answer Writing Programme TLP in creating an ecosystem of knowledge that can be as close as it gets to the demands of UPSC. You can see it yourself here: 

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We can’t express the satisfaction that we get after helping thousands of aspirants in their efforts to secure a rank in Civil Services. With our multiple initiatives both online and offline, we shall keep striving to make sure that each one you get the best possible support during your preparation.

In the packet of initiatives that we have, the one with the maximum number of followers and fans alike is the TLP i.e. Think. Learn and Perform, a Mains answer writing programme. TLP has been hitting the bullseye for the last 4 years with an average of more than 75% questions in Mains coming from the questions posed on a daily basis on the TLP platform. Of course, the numerous ‘thanks’ that we receive from TLP followers is the fuel of this initiative.

Philosophy of TLP

The driving force of TLP is the most imperative skill required in Mains- the ability to express your knowledge effectively and convincingly in 150 to 250 words in the stipulated 180 minutes that you get in a Mains paper. It is not as easy as it sounds even for those who have fair command over the Mains syllabus. In fact, without adequate answer writing practice, one finds herself at sea during Mains. It becomes difficult to choose the right information and even more difficult to get the right words to express that information. This is where TLP comes handy. It gives you 60 days of rigorous practice, enough to score well in Mains. Through the course of TLP, you get exposed to more than 300 high-quality questions, receive expert feedback and peer reviews and get elaborate synopsis to complement and expand your understanding. This way, TLP provides an end to end solution to your answer writing needs.

TLP runs in two phases- one before prelims and one after prelims. We are proud to announce the commencement of TLP 2019- Phase I for Mains 2019.

Why not year-long TLP?

  • UPSC preparation should be strategically done and Answer Writing is not the only thing that one should invest his/her energy on. A wholesome preparation requires categorical importance to be given to your Prelims and Mains (GS and Optional) both.
  • By ending TLP in January 2019, we are making sure that you focus on revision of TLP and then start with Prelims revision.
  • Prelims 60 Days will also start after TLP.
  • ILP members can spend more time in revision and C2C Mains Answer Writing if joined.
  • Overall, an initiative should provide enough space for multiple revision.

Although most of you already know the fine prints of this programme, we are reiterating them for your reference:

TLP Phase I, 2019:


  1. To impart original thinking, inspire pure reasoning, and instil clarity in your mind.
  2. Expose you to a variety of questions and make your preparation pattern proof.
  3. Give you access to the answers written by others and know others’ line of thinking.
  4. Make you a master of answer writing.
  5. To help you qualify Mains 2019!

Fine prints:

  1. Daily 5 Questions– 3 Static + 2 Current Affairs (Flexible component).
  2. We will cover Paper Wise – GS1, GS2, GS3.
  3. GS4 – Ethics will be covered every week
  4. Essay every alternative week.
  5. Duration – The Programme will start from 5th November 2018 and end on 26th January 2019.
  6. Reviews from IASbaba and daily synopsis will be provided.
  7. This is a FREE Initiative!

What’s Special?

We have a separate answer writing platform for TLP, something which is unparalleled. It gives your preparation a personalised touch. Just like any social media platform, you can have your personalised account wherein you can upload your answers, get the reviews and feedback and separate everything else from your Mains preparation.


For the detailed day wise schedule of the programme, click here

How to get started?

Getting started is the most difficult part. The inertia of reading texts continuously doesn’t make it easy to start writing. This friction needs to be overcome by you. IASbaba is doing everything that it takes to provide a result oriented solution to you. What remains between you and your success is the despondency that creeps into your spirits. You need to buckle up and get started immediately.

The second most difficult part is to continue the momentum. Even if you have started, you might find it tough to continue with equal vigour and enthusiasm. Please get reminded that there are thousands like you who are striving to get their names inked in the coveted PDF released by UPSC every year. What it actually takes isn’t talent only but perseverance and dedication.

So, before you embark upon this journey, let us give you a pearl of wisdom on answer writing:

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.


We also have C2C Mains Answer Writing Programme in Offline and Online Mode for those who want to practice Mains Answer Writing in a full-fledged manner. Kindly go through the details of it here:


All the Best

IASbaba Team


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