Interview Discussion IAS UPSC: Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP)-Day 12

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  • January 23, 2019
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Interview Discussion-Think Rethink & Perform (TRP)
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Interview Discussion: Think, Rethink and Perform; (TRP)- Day 12


Set 1: Ask these questions to yourself; contemplate and come out with a concrete answer (not to be discussed on this forum). Invest at least 30 minutes on this set of questions.

  • Do you  believe in God?
  • What makes you believe or not believe in God?
  • Can faith and logic coexist? What would you choose?

Set 2: Analyse the following issue:

Upon entering the civil services, an honest person is often left with two alternatives. On one hand, one can keep a tight vigil on all the happenings in the system and make sure that no corrupt or illegal practices are perpetrated by any individual. The idea is to cleanse the system and make it corruption free. On the other hand, one can maintain personal integrity while turning a blind eye towards everything else. Most of the civil servants start with the first option, get demotivated midway due to stubbornness of the system to change and finally reconcile themselves with the second alternative.

What are your views in this regard? What would you do when you enter the civil services? Comment.  

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