Creative Guidance: Book Review – Be here now – Ramdass

  • IAS baba
  • February 28, 2019
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba
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Be Here Now: Ramdass

In a frantic and busy world where everybody is in a hurry to go somewhere, very rarely comes a book that questions the true purpose of life and learning the importance of the present moment. ‘Be here now’ is a beautiful and deep spiritual book by Ramdass who explores the practice of learning how to be in the present moment.

Various books have been written on the importance of learning to be in the present moment, but this book of Ramdass is unique in a way that it is a book written by a western mind about the ancient eastern practice of meditation and spirituality.

‘Be here now’ as the title itself suggests is a simple and straight to the point book on learning how to be here and now. He also narrates his experiences with psychedelic drugs and how those experiences are connected to meditation. This book offers a valuable insight into the nature of intoxication and why we are attracted to them.

In his very unconventional style Ramdass explores different ideas of how to learn the art of being here and now. Read this book to expand your understanding of your inner life. Although some of the ideas presented here are pretty revolutionary, one can see their value with a slightly open mind.

‘Be here now’ became a phenomenon when it was released in America. This book was received like a rain shower in a barren spiritual desert of modern lifestyle. The insights and experiences shared by Ramdass are sure to awaken you to a new understanding and experience of life. Even if you don’t subscribe to all of his ideas, you are sure to gain a new insight into life and the beyond.

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