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  • April 21, 2019
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You are in control:

How often have you thought to yourself that you are not in control of a situation? I am sure more than a few times. In fact most people think that they are not in control of a situation most of the time. The feeling of not being in control is a very common feeling indeed. So, why do we feel this way? Are we really not in control is it just a feeling?

The reality is almost always that we have control over what is happening within and around us. Very rarely are we in a situation that we absolutely cannot control. How do we know this? The simple way to know this is to recollect a situation when it was next to impossible for you to be in control. When was the last time you totally lost it? I am sure even if you can recollect, it is not very often that you lose complete control.

The reason why we feel that we are not in control is because we somewhere deep down want to believe that we are not in control. It is infinitely easy to put the blame on another person or a situation just to escape the pain of taking the responsibility. Very often things go wrong in our lives. But very rarely do we accept that it is our fault.

This escapism mentality is what pushes us to believe that we are not in control of a situation. Let us take a simple example of a heated argument with a friend. We almost always at the end of the heated conversation realize that it is our mistake – more often than not. And yet, during the conversation we absolutely believe that what’s happening is not our fault. We purposely push things too far just to prove that the situation is totally out of control.

Just think about how many daily challenges of life can be handled easily if only we can take full responsibility for our actions. The moment we take full responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives, we immediately feel in control. Even if a situation is not in control we will try and bring it under control because now we know that knowing or unknowingly we have contributed to the situation.

Accepting responsibility is a great quality. It does not make one weak. Accepting responsibility is a sign of strength and maturity. Almost 90% of all our daily conflicts can be easily resolved by accepting responsibility. Instead of trying to control everything that is happening in your life, just try and accept responsibility. The more responsibility you accept, the more control you will have over your life.

Almost all internal as well as external conflicts are simply a result of our unwillingness to stand up to ourselves, our intentions and actions. Notice how your mind constantly goes back to situations where it was not your fault just to prove that you are perfect and others are not. This is a common problem of our minds that we need to deal with. Accepting responsibility will help you to gain control over this faulty mind.

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