Creative Guidance: Book Review – Understanding the Dead Sea scrolls – Hershel Shanks

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  • September 14, 2019
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Understanding the Dead Sea scrolls: Hershel Shanks

The Dead Sea scrolls contain some of the most magnificent secrets of human civilization, stored and forgotten for more than 2000 years. These scrolls were a part of an ancient civilization and way of life that has been long forgotten. Dead Sea scrolls represent some of the most intricate mysteries of life and beyond.

These scrolls, which were stored in mud pots and hidden in a remote cave, were accidentally discovered by a few shepherds. Very little did they know about the significance of this discovery and very little did they know of the value of these scrolls.

When these scrolls eventually reached the scholars and were interpreted, it revealed and is continuing to reveal some amazing insights about a secret way of life that has all but disappeared now. This book offers a way to read and understand these texts.

Some of us might think what is the relevance of reading such ancient hidden away scriptures now and what relevance can it have to our modern lifestyle? If this is the case then we should not be interested in history at all. Human history offers us ways to understand our life better. It helps us to avoid the same mistakes made again and again throughout history. It also opens up our understanding of life.

“Understanding the Dead Sea scrolls” is a fascinating read to dive into the depths of an ancient mystery that is a part of all modern cultures. Studying these scriptures is like studying the roots of ancient civilizations. It can tremendously enhance your ability to understand the human culture.

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