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  • October 24, 2019
IASbaba's OPTIONAL Classes
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Hello Everyone

After a great demand for Geography optional, IASbaba has finally come up with Geography Optional Test series cum mentorship program.

Before we let you know the merits of Geography as an optional, please remove the notions and biases from your mind that might have developed as a result of your discussions on various online forums and maybe with your friends and seniors. UPSC doesn’t intentionally “butcher” a subject. All the optionals have their distinct advantages and drawbacks but by no stretch of imagination would UPSC give preference to one optional over the other. What may happen though is that some optionals might have scored more than the others in a particular year but that trend gets reversed also. That is the unpredictability of the Civil Services Examination that we have to live with. In fact, till the time optionals remain a part of CSE, this unpredictability will remain. Also every year there is at least one person getting a top 10 rank with the Geography optional and many who are failing by taking other optional subjects.

So, learn to live with it rather than blaming it. Most of the times, the answers to one’s failure or unexpected performance lies within and not externally.

So the message is clear for all-

before blaming UPSC for its so-called “bias” for or against any optional, try to find the reasons for not doing well by looking inward!

So coming to the point, let us enumerate the merits of Geography as an optional to help you decide whether it’s the subject for you:

  1. Geography is scoring: If you maintain the essence of Geography in your answers, it will definitely fetch you good marks in Mains.
  2. Geography is interesting: You will have a fun ride with geography as most of the concepts relate to the physical and social environment of which you are an integral part.
  3. Geography has a maximum overlap with GS syllabus: If you prepare Geography optional, more than 30-40% of your GS syllabus is automatically prepared. Moreover, you develop better perspectives for Essay paper and interview as well. . This year in GS paper 1, 110 marks were asked from geography. Also, International Relation, Disaster Management, Agriculture, exports, resources etc. are part of geography which helps in scoring well in GS 2 and GS 3.
  4. Geography is logic driven and scientific: Unlike some other humanities subjects, the study of Geography entails logic, scientific theories and empirical evidence. This makes Geography easy to understand and apply.
  5. Geography has an abundance of sources to refer: There is no dearth of quality materials and good books in Geography. You don’t have to dig too much into bookstores to find good books on Geography.

Considering all these factors we have come up with a comprehensive Test series for Geography.

The Test series will be conducted by Atyab Ali Zaidi sir. He is an alumnus of NIT Allahabad, Chemical Engineering and is one of the Core members of IASbaba team.

He has been mentoring UPSC aspirants for the past 5 years and many of his students have qualified this prestigious exam with flying colors.

The testimony of the quality of the classes is the following feedback comments provided by the students of the last year’s batch.

Objectives of the Program:

  • The aim of the program is to groom the students with geography optional to approach the subject properly and learn how to write a proper geographical answer.
  • There have been several misconceptions spread in the market which have made the aspirants believe that it is impossible to score well in Geography. However, every year there is at least one person to get a top 10 rank. It means that if you write according to the demand of the question, you are definitely going to score well. The mentorship will provide you with this guideline.
  • To provide enough practice to the students so that they can feel comfortable with slightly twisted questions also.

Components of Geography Test Series:

  • A total of 12 tests with 8 sectional test and 4 full test. (Only online)
  • All the students will get personal mentorship. Mentor will point out the individual mistakes and help in overall guidance.
  • Quality Evaluation of the Answer Sheets and detailed feedback.
  • Value Add notes for some specific topics will be provided.



1. I am a fresher who has just started the preparation. Is this programme suitable for me?

  • Test series is one of the best ways to prepare comprehensively for UPSC. One of the reasons why people fail to score marks in the optional is lack of adequate application of concepts which can be overcome by regular answer writing practice and meticulous evaluation and feedback. In short, the programme is suitable for all the aspirants.

2. What is the duration of the programme?

  • The programme will run for four months from November 10th till the end of February.

3. How about the schedule?

  • The tests are easily paced with10 days gap between each test which will help the student in thorough preparation of the topics given.
  • The tests are totally flexible and can be written once you feel you have studied the topic. The endeavour of the test series is to make an aspirant thoroughly revise the topic and attempt the tests so as to gain an in-depth understanding of the optional.


4. What happens if I miss a test on the scheduled date?

  • The test series gateway will be open till the end of March and all the papers will be evaluated until that time.

5. Will it hamper my prelims preparation?

  • It will not hamper it in any way. In fact, the test series schedule is framed keeping in mind the various demands that the candidate faces. Regular study and revision of the optional will help you in systematic coverage of the vast syllabus and also will keep you fully prepared for the mains wherein candidate faces a shortage of time for a thorough study of the optional.

6. How will the paper be evaluated and how can I check the evaluated copies?

  • Once the candidate is enrolled in the programme. They will be receiving a detailed mail with their unique Registration ID and password to access the test gateway along with steps regarding the mode of uploading and downloading of evaluated copies.

7. I have a few more queries. Whom should I contact?

  • You can also contact the mentor- Atyab Sir- 9591106864/9868111860 and support@iasbaba.com

8. Payment Process and FEE

  • FEE- 12500 + TAX
  • Select the programme from the dropdown- Geography Mains Test Series 2019-20 Online– Follow the Payment Link here- PAYMENT LINK

(kindly call or message between 10 am-5 pm so as to help even the Team maintain the balance between personal and professional commitments)

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