IASbaba: TLP 2020, Phase I (ONLINE FREE Initiative) – Daily Mains Answer Writing Programme – SCHEDULE

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  • October 4, 2019
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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IASbaba: Think, Learn and PerformTLP 2020, Phase I (ONLINE FREE Initiative) – Daily Mains Answer Writing Programme – SCHEDULE

Dear Aspirants

 We are delighted to announce the Phase-I of IASbaba’s flagship online Mains Daily Answer Writing initiative for UPSC CIVIL SERVICES Mains 2020Think, Learn and Perform (TLP).

TLP’s philosophy is simple- IASbaba shares 5 questions on a daily basis. The questions are UPSC standard or above. The questions force the followers of the initiative to think and probe their intellectual faculties before they write the answers. This thinking helps in learning. The TLP platform is open to all wherein each one of the followers can view the answers written by others. This peer platform is another great source of learning. And finally, when the followers have thought and learnt enough, they can perform in the real examination.

TLP is conducted in two phases- one phase starts after the Main examination, the second phase starts after the Preliminary examination. For example, the first phase of TLP for next year’s Mains will commence on 7th Oct this year. The second phase will start after the Preliminary examination next year. In both the phases, the idea is to make the aspirants exposed to a variety of questions having varied difficulty levels and depth.

Both the phases of TLP used to run for 60 days (i.e. 12 weeks). However, this years TLP’s first phase will run for 100 days (i.e. 20 weeks). The idea for running the first phase for 100 days is to give the followers ample bandwidth to cover the syllabus as per the schedule given by IASbaba. The next phase, however, will run for 60 days only keeping in mind the compressed time period between Prelims and Mains.

Features of TLP Online 2020 

Synopsis: The questions on each day are followed by detailed synopsis which also contains the best answers written by the followers.

Dedicated platform: A separate platform has been developed fr answer writing. The aspirants can log in to the portal, type their answers on the portal or upload the scanned copy of their handwritten answers directly. They can also comment and discuss below the separate thread of each question.


Feedback: IASbaba reviews the answers written by the followers periodically. However, peer review is highly recommended.

Schedule: You can download the detailed micro day-wise schedule here.

Success of TLP

The success of TLP is derived from the success of IASbaba’s followers. For the past 4 years, our students are creating success stories in the Civil Services Examination by following TLP. As a matter of fact, on an average, more than 70% of the questions asked by UPSC in GS Mains papers found a direct reference in TLP questions. It has been possible because we maintain high standards of questions and also ensure diversity in coverage. So sit back and relax. Start following the schedule, prepare hard, write daily, review diligently, go through the synopsis, better your performance incrementally and get ready for success.

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All the best

IASbaba Team

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