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IASbaba's OPTIONAL Classes
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IASbaba’s POLITICAL SCIENCE & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (PSIR) OPTIONAL Mains Test Series 2020 will start from 1st November 2019. Please check the schedule given below.

ORIENTATION for Political Science & International Relations (PSIR) OPTIONAL Test Series 2020 will be held on 31st October 2019 @ DELHI Centre.

The Test Series will be conducted by Mr. MADHAV WANAVE, a Rank holder of CSE 2016 (AIR 701) & has scored 301 in PSIR. He has  been teaching, evaluating and has mentoring experience of 4 years in prominent IAS training institutions in New Delhi & Pune and,

Mr. RAHUL SAIGAOKAR, a topper in Political Science in UPSC 2016, MTech from NITK Surathkal, (MA Pol Sci). He has keen interest in 21st century Public policy issues and has 5 years of teaching experience.


Political Science & International Relations (PSIR)  as optional in recent years has shot to prominence on account of its greater overlap with General Studies and good scoring potential in UPSC Civil Services Examination. This has increased the popularity of the subject in those aspirants also who are not having a humanities background. It is natural and obvious for a UPSC aspirant to opt for an optional subject which helps on above mentioned fronts.


General Studies and PSIR Overlap

Following topic of General Studies are covered in PSIR

  • GS 1 – Modern India – Indian National Movement, India after Independence; World History topics like Industrial revolution, World wars, Decolonization, Political philosophies (Communism, Capitalism, Socialism etc.); Social issues like Role of women and women’s organization, Poverty and developmental issues, Effects of globalization on Indian society, Social empowerment, Communalism, Regionalism, Secularism etc.
  • GS 2 – Almost everything gets covered.
  • GS 3 – Issues relating to planning, Growth, Development, Inclusive growth and issues arising from it
  • GS 4 – Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers; Ethical issues in International relations & International funding

Further, when we analyse success stories of those who perform better in Civil Services with PSIR as Optional few patterns emerge. One, those having humanities background are better placed to absorb the content  & second, those who have spent considerable time in preparations and have mastered an art of articulation are also seen succeeding in PSIR. This explains the phenomenon of ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ where an aspirant switches from notoriously lowly rewarding optionals to PSIR and scores well.

It is also noteworthy that aspirants belonging to the above two categories have an ability to enrich their content by smart and selective reading of reference books, magazines, etc. Make no mistake; reference books are sine qua non for securing your name in final selection list of UPSC with PSIR optional. It goes without saying that reference books are not to be read from first page to last page but to be read wherever one feels conceptual clarity is missing or content is in short supply.

Many aspirants are from a technical background and some also had vernacular medium. These students need hand holding assistance to articulate an answer and to avoid committing mistakes ranging from spelling errors, grammar errors, botched up elaboration & poor structuring. This is where task of mentor becomes a crucial who would guide & nudge an aspirant to write what has been asked instead of writing what he knows.

From last 2 years, IASbaba’s Mentors are attempting to address all such hardships being faced by aspirants with PSIR optional. Their insight in PSIR stands vindicated as 9 out of 14 questions in CSE Mains 2019 PSIR Paper I Part A came directly, verbatim or otherwise, from guidance material prepared by us. This activity is now being taken to next level through this MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME for Mains 2020. 


Structure of Programme:

The programme includes the following components:

  • 3 hrs session per week for 25 weeks
  • Each session will cover 5-6 questions. During the entire course, this component is likely to cover 100-125 questions with its answers.
  • ‘Open book’ answer writing to induce structural perfection in an answer.
  • Particular concept, if complex, may be discussed briefly.
  • Available both Online & Offline.
  • Offline Classes will be held physically in New Delhi & Bangalore centre.
  • It will have small targets as per syllabus topic and selective reading of a specific chapter in a specific book or magazine will be suggested.
  • Value addition- IGNOU Excerpts, portions from newspapers, magazines like EPW, Outlook, Seminar sites like Project Syndicate, etc will simultaneously be provided to ease the learning, speed up the process and save valuable time.
  • Total 25 weekly tests
  • Each test of 70 marks to have 5 questions. (2×10 / 2×15 / 1×20 marks)
  • During the entire course, this component will cover another 125 questions.
  • Timely and meticulous evaluation. (Within one week of uploading the answer sheet).
  • It will automatically help an aspirant to cover the entire syllabus.
  • Progress statistics of each student will be maintained.
  • Circulation of good copies.
  • Total 8 full length tests.
  • 2 tests will be before prelims and remaining 6 after prelims.
  • These tests will cover 224 Questions.
  • Faculty will be available as and when needed.
  • Interactions will be scheduled as per the mutually agreeable and suitable time of student and faculty.
  • There will be extraordinary attention on answer writing with continuous feedback and improvement. There will be weekly One on One discussion with mentor.For Online students option of telephonic mentoring is available.
  • Dedicated Telegram channel for members which has a repository of materials to be studied and classroom notes (for selected topics) for easy and quick reference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I am a fresher who has just started the preparation. Is this programme suitable for me?

Test series is one of the best ways to prepare comprehensively for UPSC. One of the reasons why people fail to score marks in the optional is lack of adequate application of concepts which can be overcome by regular answer writing practice and meticulous evaluation and feedback. In short, yes, the programme is suitable for all the aspirants.

  1. What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will run for 6 months (November 2019 to February 2020 and July to August 2020). First part (25 Weekly Tests & 2 Full Length Tests) will be over by February 2020. Remaining part will resume after Prelims.

  1. How about the SCHEDULE?

The tests are scheduled per week which will help the student in thorough preparation of the topics given.

The tests are totally flexible and can be written once you feel you have studied the topic. The endeavour of the test series is to make an aspirant thoroughly revise the topic and attempt the tests so as to gain an in-depth understanding of the optional.


  1. What happens if I miss a test on the scheduled date?

The test series gateway will be open till the end of Mains 2020 and papers will be evaluated until that time.

  1. Will it hamper my prelims preparation?

It will not hamper it in any way. Rather it would help as January 2020 & February 2020 will have tests on International Relations.

In fact, the test series schedule is framed keeping in mind the various demands that the candidate faces. Regular study and revision of the optional will help you in systematic coverage of the vast syllabus and also will keep you fully prepared for the mains wherein candidate faces a shortage of time for a thorough study of the optional.

  1. How will the paper be evaluated and how can I check the evaluated copies?

Once the candidate is enrolled in the programme, he/she will be receive a detailed mail with their unique Registration ID and password to access the test gateway along with steps regarding the mode of uploading and downloading of evaluated copies.

7.  I have a few more queries. Whom should I contact?

Further details about the programme can be known by mailing your queries to psiriasbaba@gmail.com or call on the Mentor’s number given below.

8. Will the Programme be conducted both ONLINE and OFFLINE mode?

Yes, it will be conducted both in ONLINE and OFFLINE mode.

OFFLINE mode at both Bangalore and Delhi Centre’s.


You can also contact the Mentors: 

  • Rahul Saigaokar  8861246222
  • Madhav Wanave  9810787523

Email:  psiriasbaba@gmail.com

(Kindly call or message between 10 am-5 pm so as to help even the team maintain the balance between personal and professional commitments)


Payment Process and FEE

  • FEE- 12500 + TAX

Payment Link -> CLICK HERE



Bangalore Centre: No. 1443/1444, Above Carzspa, 80 Ft. Main Road, Ganapathi Circle, Chandra Layout, Bengaluru- 560040.

Contact No. 9035077800/7353177800(10 AM to 5 PM)

Delhi Centre: 5B, Pusa Rd, opposite to Metro Pillar Number 110, Block B, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005.

Contact No. 011 4167 8500 (10 AM to 5 PM)


Thank You


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