IASbaba’s SOCIOLOGY OPTIONAL Mains Test Series 2020

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  • October 1, 2019
IASbaba's OPTIONAL Classes
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IASbaba’s SOCIOLOGY OPTIONAL Mains Test Series 2020

Hello Everyone

IASBABA’S flagship Optional Test Series for Sociology-2020”  

After successfully conducting two phases of IASbaba’s OPTIONAL Test Series for SOCIOLOGY (December’18-March’19 and June-September 2019), we are proud to announce the launch of the Third Edition of the Test Series for aspirants preparing for 2020 Civil Services Examination under the able Guidance of Dr.NC Vamshi Krishna B.D. S, M. A(Sociology). One of the toppers of Sociology in UPSC 2014, 2015 and 2016.

You can read reviews of his classes from here and here

Our Endeavour to constantly innovate and put the interests of the student community at the forefront has made us the “Go-To name in Online Test series for sociology”, within a short time.

What started out as a modest initiative received tremendous response from the aspirant community due to the unique features of the program which has blurred the distinction between online and classroom test series mode.

Here are a few of the responses from our student group…

The dynamic level of questions and meticulously framed synopsis will be a boon for all the sociology aspirants”

                                                               -Neelam Lalitaditya( I.A.S 2019)

                                                                 (312/500 marks in Sociology optional.)

“Probably the best online test series for Sociology optional for UPSC… Meticulous synopsis and terrific feedback”

                                                                                          -Veeresh Pandey (I.E.S).

“I joined the mains test series writing class of Sociology under Vamshi sir. Though I was aware of some basic concepts about sociology but joining the test series exposed me to a new unexplored dimension of applied sociology which is highly relevant in relating all the current ongoing phenomena to be looked at with a sociological perspective”

                                                                              -Sanjita Mohapatra (Rank 2 OPSC)


“Personal Mentorship by the team and meticulous feedback by the team made me feel as though I am writing tests in a classroom atmosphere…”

                                                                                              -Astha.( aspirant)

“The VAN is a treasure trove of Sociological application. I thank the team for such a useful compilation from exam point of view.

-John(appearing in mains 2019)

We are also glad to inform that around 70% of the questions in UPSC CSE Mains 2019 can be answered from the Classroom notes, Test Series synopsis and VAN (provided for the Test Series subscribers). Our Test Series is designed in such a way that students are well equipped to answer dynamic questions in the exam. 

Some of the heart-warming feedback we have received from our students who have written UPSC CSE Mains 2019…..

I felt grateful to Vamshi Krishna sir and Gopi Krishna sir even while i was going through the question paper in first five minutes. Irrespective of the final result though, the genuine hard work u all have put, the thought process needed for such dynamic papers – for all, I wish your team to flourish more. Iasbaba has been a journey of quality learning for all these years for me and sociology test series has been a gem too with your material and tests, i always felt wanting to learn and refine.   Thanks.

-Sparsh (appeared in mains 2019)

Thanks, Sir and team, many things were straight from your notes and tests. This really did help me attempt more questions in paper 2 compared to last times.

-Ashish Nair (appeared in mains 2019)

The papers went quite well. I felt confident while attempting each question. The evaluated tests, synopsis and VAN did help significantly. All in all, I enjoyed writing both papers. Thanks to you and the IAS Baba team for the valuable inputs. 

-Surendra (appeared in mains 2019)

Thank you so much Vamshi Krishna Sir, Gopi Krishna Sir and the entire team for helping us prepare Sociology in the Best possible way.

-Suryasree (appeared in mains 2019)



  • 12 meticulously framed question papers (8 sectional + 4 full-length tests) mimicking UPSC pattern which are well spaced out along with well-designed and broad synopsis.
  • Both sectional and full-length tests which are harnessed to build confidence and improve the content in answer writing.
  • Timely and meticulous evaluation. (Within one week of uploading the answer sheet).
  • Dedicated Telegram channel for members which has a repository of materials to be studied and classroom notes (for selected topics) for easy and quick reference.
  • Personalised doubt solving for queries via dedicated Email. (sociologyiasbaba@gmail.com)
  • VAN 2.0 (Value Added Notes)- Our USP which is a rich source for covering Newer Concepts and perspectives by thinkers (Topic Wise), Case studies (from Sociology Journals, EPW ETC.) Sociological application of Current Affairs, Sociological analysis of Government Schemes (for Paper-2), Tables and innovative Mind maps for quick revision.

Message from the Mentor

“The entire endeavour of our team is to impart sociological orientation along with multiple perspectives and most importantly confidence to tackle the Dynamicity of the paper in the examination hall. Sociology is not only interesting but also highly scoring if studied in a meticulous way…”

-Dr. Vamshi Krishna& team


1. I am a fresher who has just started the preparation. Is this programme suitable for me?

Test series is one of the best ways to prepare comprehensively for UPSC. One of the reasons why people fail to score marks in the optional is lack of adequate application of concepts which can be overcome by regular answer writing practice and meticulous evaluation and feedback. In short, the programme is suitable for all the aspirants.

2. What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will run for four months from mid- October till the end of February.

3. How about the schedule?

The tests are easily paced with two weeks gap between each test which will help the student in thorough preparation of the topics given.

The tests are totally flexible and can be written once you feel you have studied the topic. The endeavour of the test series is to make an aspirant thoroughly revise the topic and attempt the tests so as to gain an in-depth understanding of the optional.


4. What happens if I miss a test on the scheduled date?

The test series gateway will be open till the end of March and all the papers will be evaluated until that time.

5. Will it hamper my prelims preparation?

It will not hamper it in any way.

In fact, the test series schedule is framed keeping in mind the various demands that the candidate faces. Regular study and revision of the optional will help you in systematic coverage of the vast syllabus and also will keep you fully prepared for the mains wherein candidate faces a shortage of time for a thorough study of the optional.

6. How will the paper be evaluated and how can I check the evaluated copies?

Once the candidate is enrolled in the programme. They will be receiving a detailed mail with their unique Registration ID and password to access the test gateway along with steps regarding the mode of uploading and downloading of evaluated copies.

7. I have a few more queries. Whom should I contact?

Further details about the programme can be known by mailing your queries to sociologyiasbaba@gmail.com

You can also contact the mentor 

  • Dr.Vamshi Krishna 9966152157 
  • Mr.Gopi Krishna    6366456458 

8. Payment Process and FEE

  • FEE- 12500 + TAX
  • Follow the Payment Link here- PAYMENT LINK

(kindly call or message between 10 am-5 pm so as to help even the team maintain the balance between personal and professional commitments)

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