Coronavirus[VIDEO]: Awareness, Myths, Solidarity and Message to All UPSC Aspirants by Mohan Sir Founder IASbaba

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  • March 24, 2020
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Coronavirus[VIDEO]: Awareness, Myths, Solidarity and Message to All UPSC Aspirants by Mohan Sir Founder IASbaba


Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has announced a complete lock down all over the country from 12 AM (midnight) 25th March to 14th April (for a period of 21 days). Let’s all support the cause for the greater good of our family, community, country and the world. If not it can become one of the greatest disaster to mankind.



Please find below the guidelines from the Home Ministry on the measures to be taken by the State Governments, Union Territories and List of Essential Services and Commodities available!

Home Ministry Guidelines – Coronavirus (Covid19)


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The video is about Coronavirus, Covid-19; The gravity of the situation and India has another 2-3 weeks to halt the onset of Stage 3 -Myths and False information about the Spread and Prevention of Coronavirus; Symptoms, Spread and Prevention of Coronavirus.

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Message to UPSC Aspirants, Key takeaways for UPSC Preparation, Importance of Identifying the theme and having a structure for Prelims Preparation.

Coronavirus: Breaking Notions and Spontaneous Solidarity

What we are witnessing today is something unprecedented. At no point in the history of world, there was a moment or phase that had impacted, in so little time, almost the entire population of the world. We have seen crises before but the scale used to be limited to a country or a continent. World Wars I and II can be said to have the maximum impact as their reach transcended not only countries but continents. However, what we are witnessing as a generation today, is not a highly violent phase characterising warring nations, but a threat to humanity itself.

How we respond to this crisis will have a great bearing on our future. In the annals of history, the year 2020 will either be remembered as a phase that witnessed human beings collaborate and stand as a unified force against a deadly global epidemic or be relegated as an ugly blot in mankind’s evolutionary history.

Indeed, these are testing times for the mankind. The rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus has left the mankind contemplate and scramble with uncomfortable thoughts. Political and economic philosophies seem immaterial. All the powerful missiles that counties have stockpiled, capable of carrying nuclear warheads are lying idle in the warehouses. Warring nationalities are losing lives to the deadly Coronavirus without even firing a bullet. The rich and the poor alike including the heads of states are getting sick. The notion of hard power and economic might gets more and more irrelevant with each addition in the number of casualties to the virus. The difference between the illiterate and the stupid is getting clearer with each passing day. Churches, mosques and temples are lying empty. Doctors and healthcare workers are emerging as the new Gods.

After watching ‘The Platform’, a deeply disturbing movie directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, the question of ‘spontaneous solidarity’ is haunting netizens like me. Spontaneous solidarity, as shown in the movie is the tenacity of a group of individuals under high levels of stress and scarcity to collaborate, show mutual compassion and face the crisis as a group.

What if we fail to mobilise the kind of social solidarity and restraint that is needed to control the spread of this virus. Do humans compete or collaborate when faced with adversity? Do they scramble for the pie or support each though small sacrifices? Well, we don’t know yet. We have seen both the types of behaviour. Depending upon the region that we live in, the response of our society varies a great deal. We have seen people in our own country showing high levels of personal restraint and discipline but at the same time, we have also witnessed instances wherein people have flouted norms with great disdain. It only indicates that spontaneous solidarity is difficult to achieve, something that was shown vividly in ‘The Platform’.

To expect order amidst chaos is too much to ask for. But unfortunately, that is the only way out. That is why the crisis that we face today is a momentous occasion for the mankind. But to think for the mankind as a whole is a little overwhelming. The best way is to think like an individual and make little contributions as a responsible member of the great family that we call the MANKIND.


Remember the keyword SHIP– stay Safe, stay Healthy, stay Informed and continue with your Preparation! We at IASbaba are always there to guide you to the best of our abilities.


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