Mohan Sir, Founder of IASbaba Live on YouTube on 8th April 2020 from 7.30 pm – 8 pm

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  • April 3, 2020
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Mohan Sir, Founder of IASbaba Live on YouTube on 8th April 2020 from 7.30 pm – 8pm


Youtube live - Mohan Sir Founder IASbaba


Dear Students,

With an overwhelming response from our students and our regular followers, Hotline and #ASKBABA is making a lot of news these days among the student community!

Hotline and #ASKBABA option is provided, wherein any UPSC Aspirant can get in touch with the Founders and Core Team of IASbaba on telephone regarding ‘any queries’ related to UPSC preparation.

It’s been only 4 days (2 hours/day) since we launched our Hotline initiative; we have spoken to (over phone) 320+ students Pan India (around 24 States). We have tried our best to answer all the queries/doubts put forth by our students. Infact, we enjoyed interacting with all of you. There were mutual learnings as well.

With #ASKBABA, which is the most trending hashtag on our website now, we are able to clear all the subject specific-doubts on our 60 Day Post of our students.

Continuing with our effort of guiding students in the time of need, Mohan Sir (Founder of IASbaba) is coming LIVE on YouTube on 8th April, 2020 from 7.30pm -8pm (30 minutes).


How to make the best use of this LIVE Session?

  1. Post your queries with the #ASKBABA. In the first 20 minutes, the questions with the most number of upvotes on the disqus comment will be picked up and answered.
  2. In the next 10 minutes, Live questions posted on the YouTube chat will be answered.
  3. The time duration of this session can get extended based on the questions posted/asked.
  4. Students can post ‘any query’ related to UPSC Preparation Strategy like planning, how to read, revision or any other difficulties you come across when you are preparing for the exam.

Please note that, subject- specific doubts will be answered ONLY on the 60 day post with the #ASKBABA.

There is NO REGISTRATION required.

You can join Mohan Sir LIVE on YouTube!  ->


We are happy to do our bit; guiding you through this uncertain phase. As Mentors, this is the least we can do from our team. Infact, we enjoyed interacting with all of you since last 4 days. Looking forward for more such productive interactions and mutual learnings!

See you on 8th April @ 7.30 pm. Stay Tuned!

Now, you can start sharing your questions/queries/doubts with #ASKBABA (related to UPSC Preparation) in disqus comment box below and Upvoting can follow. Remember maximum upvotes will be given priority.


Thank You



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