Catharsis -Unlock Your Talent & Creativity: POEM by QAMAR NAZMEEN, OMIBHARADWAJ2002 & WRITE Up by SHADOW CHRIS!

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  • May 14, 2020
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Catharsis- IASbaba’s Creative Minds
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Hello Friends,

You must be aware of the term ‘catharsis’. It is the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Recently we have launched a new initiative by the name Catharsis -Unlock Your Talent & Creativity!


Well done, Keep it up !!


Silences speak.
Like a faithful friend they meet.
They meet quietly, without a whisper.
Silences walk in pride,
In darkness they have authority to ride.
Riding in silent nights,
They hide their dark lights.
Walking straight they find a place,
Where rests their solace.
Silences are mute talks,
That travel through long walks.
Far from the wounds of sound,
Sing silences whole world around.
Silences are louder than words,
They are silent as they don’t want to hurt.
They are misread,
Though unheard.
They are capable of making their place,
As silences rule the space.
By – Qamar Nazmeen


Title-     अभी हालात कैसे हैं ?
        कि ज्यों उत्तर सवालों  के,
        परीक्षा में नहीं सूझे ।
        कि तूफां में कोई कश्ती,
        फंसी हो बीच दरिया में ।।
किसी मनहूस बारिश में,
सभी फसले बही जैसे ।
कि हो बेचैन, खोई चीज़,
अपनी ढूढता तब सें ।।
              समय पर सर्द कोहरा है ।।


“They say world has come to an end,
Animals are being brutally killed and eaten like never before, but isn’t it happening all this while..
Humans are dying of reasons beyond their so called broad yet narrow understanding,
Life and work has stopped like it has never been,
And we are feeling the trenched depths of helplessness….!!
Yet the coexistence and conflicts of homo sapiens with other species ain’t new,
We created the idea of supremacy and thought of it to be true as if all the universes let alone this one revolves around the humanly desires,
We seldom learn our lessons yet we record our mistakes not to seem like fools by repeating them but making new ones,
Disaster it may seem to us because we are the ones getting adversely affected yet it’s a festival for some who got the much desired break from humans’ chaos,
Every ending is a new beginning, may be this is the time to put all our differences away and embrace the value each of us holds, This might be our only hope.”

Be creative and find your catharsis in whichever form of creativity you are comfortable with. 

It could be anything- a song, a painting, a poem, a story, a dance performance, rangolis, jokes/humor, culinary skills, mimicry and whatnot. There is no limit to creativity. Just unleash and share it with everyone!

Why don’t you share your moments of catharsis with us?

UPSC is not only about academics but personality as well. And your personality is shaped by the creativity that you possess.  

We encourage you to keep the comment section alive by sharing your talents and also by commenting and encouraging the talent of your peers. We are also going to be a regular visitor here and will keep on posting the creative works by our talented team members and staff.

NOTE- You can also nominate by tagging anyone (if you know about the talent of your friend or anyone) ?

You can share your talent/creativity with us on

P.S: Kindly share it in a format that can be published on the website.

We believe each one of you have some hidden talent. It’s time that you explore more about yourselves and remain positive throughout this journey. Make the best use of this opportunity!

Thank You


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