FAQ’s: IASbaba’s Integrated Learning Program (ILP) BASIC / PLUS / CONNECT+ 2021 ONLINE and AIPTS 2021 Programme

  • IASbaba
  • May 25, 2020
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Dear Students,

Dear Students,

Firstly, Thank You for such an awesome response to our recently launched Courses/Programs.

We have been getting a lot of calls and mails on ILP, AIPTS and TLP Programs. To clear all your doubts at one place, we have created this elaborative list of FAQ’s on ILP and AIPTS Courses. Kindly read with patience. This will clear most of your doubts.

Also FAQ’s on TLP and a comparison chart will be published shortly. You can take an informed decision by choosing the respective course according to your needs.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)



  1. When will ILP 2021 Start?

ILP 2021 will start on 15th July 2020.

ILP program in Hindi (हिंदी) will start on 31st July 2020.

  1. Will ILP 2021 Programme be available in Hindi (हिंदी)?

Yes, the entire ILP Programme – ILP Basic, ILP+, ILP Connect+ will be available in Hindi.

ILP in HINDI (हिंदी) -> CLICK HERE


  1. Is ILP Prelims or Mains Focused?

ILP will cover BOTH your Prelims and Mains Preparation.

  1. Will the Programme cover all the 3 Stages of Exam (Prelims, Mains, Inteview)?

Yes. The Detailed Study Plan given now, will cover till Prelims. Prelims and Mains will be covered in an integrated approach in the 1st Phase.

In Phase 2, i.e, Post UPSC Prelims 2021 Exam, according to the date of Mains Exam another Study Plan will be published on the ILP Portal (website) which would be Mains Exclusive.

And post Mains Results, you will be guided and mentored through the Interview phase along with Mock Interviews.

  1. How is the Daily Study Plan designed/Importance of Study Plan?

The Detailed Study Plan covers your entire syllabus of Prelims and Mains Preparation.

even micro topics under the mains syllabus get covered.

To Download the Detailed Schedule/Course Plan -> CLICK HERE

  1. Is the Programme designed for Working Professionals?

Yes. The Study plan is designed such that, if a working professional can spare atleast 3-4 hours per day excluding the time spent for covering current affairs during work time in the weekdays and 8-10 hours on the weekends you can cover the syllabus on time.

Also if you join ILP Connect the Mentors will guide you through on your plan and strategy regularly.

  1. What is Super 300?

Super 300 is a kind of Scholarship Test. Based on the performance in the Test, FREE UPGRADATION will happen to ILP Connect+ for the TOP 300 Students.

An OBJECTIVE TEST will be conducted on 10th July, 2020.

Test will consists of 100 MCQ’s: 70 MCQ’s from Current Affairs and 30 MCQ’s from CSAT Syllabus (Aptitude and Logical Reasoning)

  1. What is the Syllabus for Super 300?

An OBJECTIVE TEST will be conducted on 10th July, 2020.

Test will consists of 100 MCQ’s:

  • 70 MCQ’s from Current Affairs ( Current Affairs from January 2020 – June 2020 (6 months)
  • 30 MCQ’s from CSAT Syllabus (Aptitude and Logical Reasoning)

  1. How to Register for SUPER 300? When is the last date to register for SUPER 300?

The last date to register for SUPER 300 is 9th July. To Register for Super 300 and take the Test, you must have enrolled either for ILP BASIC or ILP PLUS by 9th July 2020.


  1. Can I join ILP Connect+ without taking Super 300 Test?

Yes, But the Seats are limited for ILP Connect+. The intake for ILP Connect+ will be 800 students only. 500 students will be considered on first come First-come-First Serve basis & remaining from SUPER 300.

  1. How will I get to know if there are any seats remaining for ILP CONNECT PLUS?

As soon as the seats gets filled we will revoke the admission link.

  1. How many Prelims tests does ILP 2021 contain?

A total of 62 Tests are provided. 52 Tests will be covering the entire General Studies and 10 Tests covering CSAT.

  1. How many Attempts can I take in each Prelims Test?

You can take a maximum of 3 Attempts of each Prelims Test.

  1. Will there be Detailed Assessment and Ranking for Prelims Test?

Detailed Assessment of your performance will be based on two tools for analyzing your performance in each test. Time-Analytics’ and Subject-wise Analytics’. This will help you gauge your efficiency per question (assist you in time-management) and to introspect your strength and weaknesses in a particular subject.

All INDIA RANKING will be given for every test.

  1. How many Mains Tests are in ILP? How many questions will be given in each Mains Test?


  • 30 Micro MAINS TESTS & SYNOPSIS (Before Prelims)

The micro test will consist of 10 questions in each Test in the 1st Phase (Before Prelims). Later, post prelims, the 20 Mocks will be of full length (20 questions).

  1. Is there any facility that I could get my Mains answers evaluated in ILP Programme?

Yes, due to many requests we have decided to include this feature. ILP portal will have a special feature this time, wherein you can submit your ILP Mains Test Papers for evaluation by paying an additional amount on per Test basis.

  1. Are the tests flexible?

The tests are flexible. Once we upload a test you can give it any time based on your convenience. Prelims Tests can be accesses till UPSC Prelims 2021 whereas Mains tests can be accessible till UPSC Mains 2021.

  1. Will ILP cover Optionals?

No. Only GS Papers and Essay will be covered under ILP Programme.

  1. How to prepare for Optional along with ILP 2021?

In the daily model schedule we have mentioned how to squeeze in mains preparation. Mains static GS portion and optional can be done on alternate days in the same time slot. We have made an ideal timetable for three-time slots. If one can put more effort, one more slot can be created for optionals.

  1. Will the Value Added Notes (VAN) cover both Prelims and Mains?

Yes. Our VAN is one of the most comprehensive documents which covers each and every topic of UPSC syllabus (Both Prelims and Mains)

  1. Will the Study materials (VAN’s) be sent to my address?

No, all the material provided will be in the form of soft copy. You can download and study the same.

  1. Will I be able to Download or print Babapedia?

Babapedia will be in Read Only format. It cannot be downloaded or printed.

  1. Should I make own notes from Babapedia?

Yes, we recommend you to make your own notes which will not only help in easy revision but will also help in longer retention and sharpens your answer writing skill.

  1. Till when Prelimspedia and Mainspedia will be updated?

Prelimspedia will be updated till 20 days before UPSC CSE Prelims 2021.Mainspedia will be updated till 20 days before UPSC CSE Mains 2021.

  1. Are all the materials and tests available in Hindi Medium? Is the translation done by experts?

Yes, all the materials and tests (VAN, Babapedia, Prelims and Mains tests) are available in Hindi. The translation is done by the experts who have taken their UPSC CSE in Hindi Medium and have attended minimum 2-3 interviews.

  1. How will a mentor help me in this program?

A mentor will help you to motivate as well as address your queries. The mentor will hand hold you in every aspect of your preparation related to this program. Please note that, topic-specific queries will not be entertained. For test specific doubts a separate portal is made available and abhivyakti wherein it acts as a social media of ILP. You can post such queries there.

  1. If I join ILP program with Hindi Medium, will my mentor communicate with me in Hindi?

Yes, the mentors will communicate in Hindi for the Hindi medium students.

  1. How can I contact my Mentor? How frequently can I talk to my mentor? Can I speak to my mentor only over a phone call?

You can talk to your mentor over a video call. There will be 20 Students who can connect at a time to your respective mentors. This will also act as a Buddy-System’, a small peer group to help and motivate each other for mutual learning.

You can connect with your mentors 3 times a month. Basically 10 days once, so that you can get feedback on your performance in the Test and also on what should be your approach in the future.

Even after that, you want to talk to your mentors you can talk to them over phone as per the time scheduled by your mentor. But it is advised to be in touch with your mentors over the video call, according to our experience which is more beneficial.

  1. What is the Importance of Mind Maps? How frequently will it be posted?
  • Mind map helps you to visualize an image rather than the paragraphs. This way you will recall it much easier in the exam.
  • It is crisp, so more information can be squeezed in a small space.
  • You wouldn’t require bulky notes before the exam to revise.

We keep posting them according to the Schedule. (Wherever the particular topic in the syllabus necessitates a mind map) and these Mind-maps will be available only in English.

  1. Will I be getting Essay Guidance if I join ILP 2021?

Guidelines will be provided to you on how to write an essay, and then mock essays will be given for practice. UPSC asks for two types of topics – a static/ factual topic and a philosophical topic. Approach for both is different and will be provided to you as part of the Program.

  1. What is Abhivyakti?

Each year we have a vibrant and engaging ILP community. Abhivyakti gives the ILP members a platform to get their doubts/queries addressed by IASbaba and peers and also initiate discussions/debates on important issues.

  1. What is Buddy System?

Students having similar Optional-subjects, College or background can form groups and have discussions (peer-learning)! This will not only help you in forming a good peer-group/study-circle but also in motivating each other to achieve your goals.

This is a boon! Especially for students who are studying at home, working professionals who are away from the UPSC-preparation hubs’ so that you can keep in touch with your friends, stay motivated, be informed and accountable at the same time.

  1. Will the videos provided in ILP+ and ILP Connect+ be live or recorded?

The videos will be recorded. A user can watch it as many times he/she wishes. The test discussion videos will be generally provided within 2 days of completion of the test.

  1. ILP 2021 is for freshers or veterans? Should I join ILP or TLP?

One can make best use of ILP, if he/she wants to cover the whole syllabus along with timely Prelims and Mains Tests. ILP will provide a yearlong schedule that will keep the preparation on track. So, both freshers and veterans can join this program. However, If you have finished thorough reading of the entire syllabus at least once or twice and only need guidance mainly for the Mains answer writing, and you can take care of Prelims through test series. Then we have an Integrated (Prelims & Mains) Test Series Based Mentorship Program TLP CONNECT or you can join Only Mains Mentorship Program TLP+.

  1. If I have joined ILP should I join AIPTS?

ILP enrolled students need not join AIPTS. All the tests of AIPTS will be provided to the ILP registered students.

  1. What is the Fees for ILP Basic, ILP Plus, ILP Connect+ ?

ILP Basic: Price- Rs.12,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.14,160/-

ILP+ : Price- Rs.15,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.17,760/-

ILP Connect+ : Price- Rs.20,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.23,600/-

NOTE: Based on requests of many of our students, Discount will be provided to Old Subscribers (ILP/TLP/AIPTS/PEP (In PEP, only for those students who had enrolled for complete program can avail the discount). A one month window will be given, from 1st June – 30th June 2020. You can avail the discount then. Details will be published on 1st June. Kindly note, after 30th June 2020 the discount facility will be made inactive.

     37. Where can I make the payment?

Separate Payment links have been created for all the programs (ILP Basic, ILP+, ILP Connect+. Different Payment links for Hindi and English to make it easier to choose the medium and program of your choice. Please check the below post-

ILP Basic, ILP+, ILP Connect+  -> CLICK HERE

  38. From when can I access the ILP Platform?

Once the payment is done-

  • You will receive a Receipt/Mail with Login Details.
  • Do not worry it may take 2-3 hours time since it is automated.
  • You can always mail for any technical issue on given email ID (below)
  • You will be able to login to your ILP account ONLY when the platform is activated. The platform will be activated one week before the start of the Program. The Program will start on 1st July, 2020.

   39. Is there any Deadline to Join the ILP/AIPTS Programme?

You can join the ILP 2021 or AIPTS 2021 anytime. There is NO DEADLINE! But we would advice you to join the program before it starts so that you can streamline and discipline your preparation.

Please Note: ILP Basic, Plus, Connect+ Programs are available ONLINE ONLY


All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) 

  1. When will the All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) start?

The first Test of AIPTS (both in English and Hindi (हिंदी)) will start from 10th July, 2020.

  1. How many Tests are there in All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS)?

62 Tests in Total.

  • 52 General Studies Tests – 34 Tests (100 Mcqs) and 18 Current Affairs Tests (50 Mcq’s every 15 days).
  • 10 CSAT Full length Tests

To Download the Detailed Schedule of AIPTS -> CLICK HERE

  1. Will ILP 2021 Programme be available in Hindi (हिंदी)?



  1. Is AIPTS available both offline and online?

Yes. But offline depends on the lockdown situation.

Given the present conditions you can take the programme ONLINE and when conditions are back to normal you can change to OFFLINE Mode.

  1. Will all the tests be discussed in AIPTS+ ?


  1. Will the test discussion happen in Hindi (हिंदी)?


  1. What is the Fess for AIPTS, AIPTS+ (Offline and Online) ?

AIPTS: Price- Rs.5,999 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.7,080/-

AIPTS+ :Price- Rs.7,999 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.9,440/-

  1. Are the Prelims Tests flexible?


  1. Where can I make the payment?

Separate Payment links have been created for both AIPTS and AIPTS+. Different Payment links for Hindi and English to make it easier to choose the medium and program of your choice. Please check the below post-


  1. If I still have Doubts/Queries with regard to ILP or AIPTS, where or whom to contact?

You can reach us on

Email id: ilp@iasbaba.com

Mobile No9035077800/9986193413 (Please call between 10 am – 6 pm ONLY)

Office Address:

BANGALORE CENTRE: IASbaba’s TLP Centre 2– No. 1443/1444, 2nd Floor, Above Carzspa, Ganapati Circle, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore 560040.

DELHI CENTRE: IASBABA, 5B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005. Landmark: Just 50m from Karol Bagh Metro Station, GATE No. 8 (Next to Croma Store)

All the Best
IASbaba Team

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