IASBABA’S INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAMME (ILP) ONLINE-2021 – With New Paradigms and Surprising Features – BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) – ADMISSIONS OPEN!!

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  • May 8, 2020
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Important Updates
IASBABA’S INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAMME (ILP) ONLINE-2021 – With New Paradigms and Surprising Features – BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) – ADMISSIONS OPEN!!
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UPSC IAS 2021 Preparation Strategy- IASbaba’s ILP 2021 or TLP 2021 Programme? Which Programme is Best for YOU? -> Click Here for Video

ILP 2021 – A beacon of light in the Darkest of times!!!

“Achievers are not Kites which require push of winds; Achievers are birds who believe in their wings.”

In the 6th year of IASbaba’s journey, we take immense pride in the poster boy of IASbaba- the Integrated Learning Programme (ILP), not for its high popularity or success rates but for the fact that ILP is immune to crises and exigencies. We are happy that we designed ILP in a manner that neither did it necessitate brick and mortar classrooms nor did it require the students to come out of the comfort of their homes. A laptop/ mobile/ tablet and an internet connection are what you need to begin the journey of learning. What makes ILP unique is its organic design and implementation. One feels directly connected with the process. The modules talk to you, the tests tease you and the assessments make you improve. Each year, we add new features to ILP to make it more effective. You can expect many new and innovative features in this year’s ILP as well. Friends! A dose of ILP will help you in getting immune to the many challenges that UPSC will pose next year. Therefore, with great pride and satisfaction, we announce Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)- 2021.

We have been telling the students time and again not to depend merely on the last minute tools, some compilations or series (which UPSC tracks) and blindly trust them and finally end up wasting a precious year. Aspirants fail to realise that it is not the last minute miracle but consistent effort throughout the journey. It is the process that is important. It is the process that is sustainable. And yes ILP is that!!

Hitting the bull’s eye year after year: IASbaba’s journey so far

In the last four years, ILP has been bang on target with a hit ratio of more than 65%, a figure remarkably high keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of UPSC. With a knack of getting it right ILP has become a reliable name:

Achievements Ranks HIt Ratio IASbaba

Hear from the Topper’s – the instrumental role that ILP played in their Success.

See what our current followers have to say about ILP Programme:

Innovation has become synonymous with IASbaba. It’s become habitual. Every year we want to give something new to the students. Give them a Surprise!
So this year, going with our habitual nature and standing true to our tagline ‘One Stop Destination for UPSC/IAS Preparation’, we have come up with 3 Paradigms of our ONLINE ILP Program.

And all these models are available BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी). That’s another Surprise 🙂

ILP 2021 has been designed considering “WORKING PROFESSIONALS” as well.


(You have to enrol to ILP BASIC/ILP PLUS 2021 and then fill the form)

 Last Date to Register 9th July, 2020


  • Based on the performance in the Test/Profile, FREE UPGRADATION will happen to ILP Connect+ for the TOP 300 Students.
  • An OBJECTIVE TEST will be conducted on 10th July, 2020.
  • Test will consists of 100 MCQ’s: 70 MCQ’s from Current Affairs Current Affairs (from January 2020 – June 2020 (6 months) and 30 MCQ’s from CSAT Syllabus (Aptitude and Logical Reasoning)
  • Interested aspirants, kindly fill the above form. Selected candidates will be intimated through email. Please do not call us or mail us.
  • Discretion lies with IASBaba on admission to this program.
  • If you want to be part of ‘SUPER 300’, subscribe by 9th July 2020


  1. The Seats are limited for ILP Connect+. The intake for ILP Connect+ will be 800 students only. 500 students will be considered on first come First-come-First Serve basis & remaining from SUPER 300.
  2. ILP Program in HINDI will start from 30th July, 2020 (i.e, 15 days after ILP in ENGLISH).100

Now, let us give you a brief idea on what is the difference among these 3 Paradigms.


Please Note, all these are ONLINE Programs & Available BOTH in ENGLISH & HINDI (हिंदी)!!

ILP is the Most Comprehensive ONLINE Programme for UPSC/IAS aspirants.


  • COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM Covering Prelims, Mains, Interview
  • BABAPEDIA – One-Stop Destination of Current Affairs Preparation
    • MAINSPEDIA (MAINS DATAHUB) – (GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 & Essay)
    • PRELIMSPEDIA – Prelims Current Affairs
    • 52 GS (Paper -1) PRELIMS TESTS
    • 10 CSAT (Paper -2) PRELIMS TESTS
    • 30 Micro MAINS TESTS & SYNOPSIS (Before Prelims)
    • 20 FULL MOCK MAINS TESTS & SYNOPSIS (Post Prelims)
  • ESSAY GUIDANCEModel Essays & Mainspedia Content
  • ABHIYVAKTI (SOCIAL MEDIA OF ILP) – A Forum where you can resolve your Doubts/Queries with respect to USPC Preparation. It also includes a Buddy-System wherein students having similar Optional-subjects, College or background can form groups and have discussions (peer-learning)! This will not only help you in forming a good peer-group/study circle but also in motivating each other to achieve your goals.
 Price: Rs.12,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.14,160/-

ILP PLUS(+)  2021

All the Features of ILP Basic. Additionally it consists of Video Classes.

The Video Classes include (Total 92 Video Discussions/Classes)

  • 62 Discussion Videos (52 GS & 10 CSAT) – AIPTS (Prelims Test) DISCUSSION
  • 30 Classes – Strategy Classes of Each Subject, Approach Classes for each Topic, Current Affairs Classes every Month.
    • Polity
    • Geography
    • History
    • Economics
    • Science &Technology
    • Environment
    • Prelims Strategy Class – Do’s & Don’ts, Elimination Technique
    • Art of Mains Answer Writing
  • CA – 10 Classes (July 2020 to April 2021- 1 per month)

Price: Rs.15,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.17,700/-


All the Features of ILP Basic & ILP Plus. Additionally the special feature of this Program is ONLINE MENTORSHIP – A Dedicated Mentor to monitor your progress, give you feedback, motivate and guide you in the Right Path!

Please Note:  The Seats are limited for ILP Connect+. It is based on First-come-First Serve basis.

Price: Rs.20,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.23,600/-



The Program Structure: It has been divided into modules which are further divided into subject wise blocks.

This Part includes  Module 1 – 4  that covers the basic topics of Prelims and mains. In the first four modules the entire syllabus for Prelims will be covered with related topics of mains syllabus so that integrated preparation of mains and prelims can be done. This section will build the knowledge right from the basics to the optimum level which is required for the exam.

This includes Module – 5 which is a revision module. In this module we will focus on revision and MAINS Exclusive syllabus. This will help you to consolidate your subject knowledge in a manner that you will retain it for a longer period. For every subject you will get a comprehensive revision test after each block. This module will help you in revision and recollection which is very important to increase your accuracy in Prelims along with covering MAINS specific topics.

Every structure needs some special items for decoration and so does your preparation. Part three includes Module – 6. There are some specific topics which are very important from a preparation point of view. These include Budget and Survey, Government Schemes, Important locations that have been in news etc. These individual topics will be covered in this part. 

This part includes your Module – 7 where you will be prepared for the final battle with multiple Full Mocks. This will provide you with very good practice and will be helpful in building your confidence. 

Each block is for 10 days. For example, Polity will run for 10 consecutive days – 8 Days for covering the topics, 9th day for revision and every tenth day there will be a Prelims test so that you can check your preparation level.

Every tenth day a Mains mock test will be posted based on the topics covered in the mains sections. In order for you to have daily answer writing practice, a question will be posted everyday on the ILP platform. You can write an answer on paper and upload its picture on the platform so that peer review can take place and you can improve. On the tenth day, the compiled question paper and detailed synopsis will be posted so that you can self evaluate and learn.

For current affairs Babapedia will be updated daily. All the students need to cover daily topics from Prelimspedia for prelims and Mainspedia will be updated weekly for mains related current affairs. Apart from this, it is expected that all candidates must go through Daily Current Affairs  from the website(www.iasbaba.com). Every 15th day there will be a Current Affairs test.

The daily targets that are mentioned in the plan are put considering the learning capacity of students in a day. Sufficient time is given for revision and the test.

A MODEL DAILY TIMETABLE (For Working Professionals & Non-Working Students) is given below. Based on your daily sleeping time, you can adjust the slots of the time table.

This is just for your reference – FOR NON-WORKING ASPIRANTS!

Time Slot

Daily Target

8 am –  9 am

Daily routine/ Breakfast

9 am –  10 am

Cursory Revision of previous day

10 am – 1 pm

Static topics of prelims (Daily target)

1 pm – 2:30 pm

Lunch Break

2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Current Affairs

5:30 pm – 6 pm

Tea break / Light snacks

6 pm – 9 pm

GS mains static / optional

9 – 10 pm


10 pm – 12 am

Light reading, you can watch any series like Samvidhan etc. or

Anything of your choice.

12 am – 8 am


In the above time table, there is a lot of time given for breaks. It is important that you take frequent breaks before you start a new topic. This will keep you efficient and you won’t feel overburdened. Preparation for Civil services examination is simple. People unnecessarily make it more complicated by listening to X, Y, Z people who believe that you need to study 17 – 18 hour a day in order to qualify. Preparation for this exam is enjoyable as you keep learning new things as well as discover and shape new personalities for yourself. Just be sincere and honest and you’ll sail through smoothly.

The daily plan given above is for aspirants who are not working and preparing full time.

However, the plan is for working professionals as well. Working professionals need to understand that they are running in a race which does not differentiate between the candidates. They will have to run faster and cover more distance in the time that they have got. Working professionals can follow the following timetable –

You can use your travel time and break time to complete current affairs and daily current affairs quiz. Post work, you need to invest at least 3-4 hours on your static/core subjects. Weekends (Saturday, Sunday’s) can be used for your Optionals along with revising core subjects and current affairs.

During the weekends, you can follow the same time table as designed for non-working aspirants. Basically you can divide it into 3 slots wherein you can cover core subjects/topics which you were not able to cover during the weekdays, optional and current affairs.

You need to keep your sources limited so that you can finish the syllabus once in the given time span. Also, take the target for 10 days, rather than on a daily basis.

The plan that we have made is optimum, not more nor less. So don’t panic when others in the market say that you are not reading bulky books. It is the knowledge that counts and not the book from where you are getting it. Also, you need to understand that UPSC has never mentioned the sources, so the belief that UPSC will be asking questions from some specific books is a farce. Only hard work doesn’t count, you have to do that hard work smartly to beat others.


NOTE- Below is just a sample. ILP-2021 will contain a much better and comprehensive Value Add Notes (VAN). Our VAN and few standard sources will be more than enough for the qualitative preparation one needs in this journey.


Considering the Comprehensive features, New highlights, Support and Quality of the Programme, we have kept the pricing to as minimum as possible.

The pricing remains the SAME, both for English & Hindi (हिंदी) Medium!

Please Note: ILP Program in HINDI (हिंदी) will start from 30th July, 2020 (i.e, 15 days after ILP in ENGLISH).

ILP Basic

Price: Rs.12,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.14,160/-

ILP Plus

Price: Rs.15,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.17,760/-

ILP Connect Plus

Price: Rs.20,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.23,600/-

PLEASE NOTE: OFFLINE PAYMENT DETAILS – Please mail us the acknowledgment at ilp@iasbaba.com if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER8418201003836


  • You will receive a Receipt/Mail with Login Details.
  • Do not worry it may take 2-3 hours time since it is automated.
  • You can always mail for any technical issue on given email ID (below)
  • You will be able to login to your ILP account ONLY when the platform is activated. The platform will be activated one week before the start of the Program. The Program will start on 15th July, 2020.

Go through the ILP 2021 Detailed Course Plan/Schedule Document, Mainspedia Document, and Topic Listing Document.


Now coming to the most obvious question –

Now that I have enrolled (paid) for the ILP Programme, what should I do, since the programme starts only on 15th July, 2020?

Firstly, there are two things you need to have trust on

  • On Yourself – that you will crack this exam in this attempt.
  • On the materials or the program that you have enrolled to (IASbaba’s ILP Program, the course plan/schedule). If you want to crack this exam, you need to blindly follow the plan. Trust us! We will be giving our best possible support from our end and we would expect the same 100% effort from your side. Success will be yours!

We would answer the question in 3 Parts – General Planning, Current Affairs and Optional.

General Planning:
    • Go through the schedule and make sure you have the books mentioned in the course plan. We have mentioned only 2 Sources for every Subject – Standard Books / NCERT or VAN. IASbaba’s VAN will be provided as per the schedule once the programme starts.
    • Then, go through the below link-

Especially the GS Prelims Strategy, Previous Years Papers under the heading Prelims Focus

GS Mains Strategy (Paper 1, 2, 3 4), Mind Maps –Syllabus, Previous Year Question Papers under the heading Mains Focus.


Current Affairs:

Start reading Hindu Newspaper. But before going through it, follow the below links-

How to Read Hindu News Paper



And follow our Daily Current Affairs



Choose your Optional Subject and try to complete as much as possible during next two months.

FAQ’s related to ILP-2021 and All India Prelims Test Series 2021- Click Here 


IASbaba Courses 2021 Comparison Chart

To Know More about AIPTS and AIPTS​+  CLICK HERE



On an Ending Note:

ILP will prove to be a game changer provided you are honest and sincere with the guidelines to follow it.

The launch of ILP every year is rejoiced by the Civil Services Aspirants across India.  The reach of ILP and its success has crossed the boundaries of coaching. More than anyone else, the aspirants residing in the remotest parts of the country now feel that they have a chance to break into the top 10 rank bracket. IASbaba feels proud to have played a part in building this confidence.

When you join our ILP-2021 programme, you will have huge expectations on us. On the similar lines, we too have a few expectations from your end like Complete Dedication, Consistency, Courage to “walk that extra mile”, Faith in our program, and a constant quest to be better than your previous self. There is no substitute for it!

The biggest hurdle is to get over the mental block that – ‘I can do it’. Since you have decided to start your preparation, we congratulate you for showing faith in yourself. We can assure you that we will provide all sorts of help and motivation to you but it is you who have to run and win this race.

We are the ship and you are the sailor.  We will make sure that the ship is strongly built to sail you through all the up’s and down’s in the journey. But finally it is YOU, the sailor who has to manoeuvre and reach your destination!


We hope that this year too, ILP plays an even better role in the success of aspirants.

So what are you waiting for? Come, join us and let us make you write your success story!

We reiterate our AIM –

“To help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”


We have realized the importance of mother tongue in teaching. Hence, from now on guidance at IASbaba will be provided in the mother tongue as well. Even if you are appearing for the exam in English, you can ask your queries in the language you are comfortable with. Also, mentorship in Integrated Learning Program (ILP) – 2021 will also be provided in the same languages.

You can call on the following numbers for your preparation related queries and any queries related to counseling–Note that all these Mentors can also speak in English.

Timing of Call- 10am-5pm

  • English- 9986193413/9899291288/9035077800

  • Hindi- 9911778098

  • Kannada- 6363929337/9035077800/9899291288

  • Telugu- 6366456458/9899291288

  • Tamil- 8882979568

  • Marathi- 9920774550

Please Note:

  • The Platform will be activated by 1st July 2020
  • VAN 1 & 2 (Polity and Geography) will be available from 1st July. 

Office Address:

BANGALORE CENTRE: IASbaba’s TLP Centre 2– No. 1443/1444, 2nd Floor, Above Carzspa, Ganapati Circle, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore 560040.

DELHI CENTRE: IASBABA, 5B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005. Landmark: Just 50m from Karol Bagh Metro Station, GATE No. 8 (Next to Croma Store)

All the Best
IASbaba Team

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