Great Response for Catharsis – Thank you for being yourself !!

  • IASbaba
  • May 3, 2020
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Catharsis- IASbaba’s Creative Minds
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Dear Aspirants,

Right from the beginning of IASbaba, we have been speaking of life beyond civil services. We truly believe and also want you to understand that qualifying this exam is not an end in itself. It will be the beginning of a new journey. Civil services is not your life, it is just one aspect of it.

In order to chase your dream, you get so adrift from your own self that you start forgetting about your own identity, your talent, your likes, and dislikes. This unfortunate crisis has fortunately given all of us some time to reflect on ourselves. And in order to bring you closer to yourself, we started this initiative called CATHARSIS – Unlock Your Talent and Creativity.

And boy, we received a response beyond our expectations!! We are thankful to all of you for filling our emails and our portal with so much of awe – striking creativity. Thank you all, for making us a part of this aspect of your life.

Right after we posted the initiative, it became an immediate hit. How widespread it is can be understood by the fact that an 11-year-old child (Bhoomi Garg) sent her creation to us which we recently posted. Till now we have received more than 200 entries.

We are yet to publish many of them so we request all those who have sent their entries to be a little patient.

As of now, we are giving priority to the creative as per the mail received (date)on And since we believe every creative should get its due, we are publishing one or max two per day.

It is always special when we start an initiative and people shower their love and appreciation. The following messages are a testimony of that –


We really hope that this initiative has helped you to cope up with anxiety and to bring the best out of you. We must tell you that this is going to help you in your exam as well. When you are calm and happy,  and felling good about yourself inside, you are bound to perform well outside.

Keep learning, keep improving and keep creating.

And once again thank you for so much of love and loving yourself more…!!

All the best


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