IASbaba’s Programs/Courses – 2021: ILP 2021, AIPTS 2021, TLP 2021 – Prelims, Mains Integrated Programs and Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021 – Comparison Chart!

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  • May 26, 2020
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IASbaba's Courses
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Dear Friends,

Every success story is similar. It starts with an aspiration of an iron-willed person who is supported by a knowledgeable and determined mentor, who keeps pushing his mentee to perform better than the rest, struggle of mentee to maintain his calm in ups and downs, and finally a heartwarming Triumph.

As you already have an aspiration, this story can be yours! Amidst quarantine the best mode to prepare is to prepare through online mode with self-study. The only hurdle with this method is that it is difficult to find reliable sources to study and there is lack of guidance.

We at IASbaba try to remove all these barriers for you so that you can get the best guidance, study material, test series and mentorship at the same place. We have even provided a model daily schedule to be followed by aspirants so that they can use their time with maximum efficiency.


In order to be successful, following aspects of preparation should be in place

1. Plan – Plan is the soul of any preparation without a plan you are just lost in a desert without a direction. Plan helps you in understanding how much you have progressed and it will bring discipline in your preparation. Our Detailed Course plan will help you in this aspect.

2. Practice Questions – After reading something you should be able to know whether you are able to use that information in solving questions or not. Basically application of what you have read. This completes your learning process. Also, it will help you in maximising your score in the exam. IASbaba’s Prelims and Mains Test Series will take care of that.

3. Study Material – With so many books and material available in market, students get confused as to what to read and what to miss. It is always advised to stick to minimum resources and keep revising them rather than reading too many sources and not revising them. IASbaba’s Value Added Notes (VAN) and Babapedia is one of the best resource you can trust!

4. Guidance – In the market you’ll find more people misguiding you rather than proper guidance. Many of your seniors who are preparing must be telling you that if you are not referring to a particular source than you can never qualify and then the other person will ask you to read something else. You need a trustworthy guide/ mentor who can project you in the right direction. IASbaba is known for it’s quality guidance and mentorship. A dedicated mentor who has an experience of all the 3 stages (Prelims, Mains, Interview) of UPSC exam will make sure you are on the right path to achieve your dream!

5. Emotional Intelligence – It is required to keep yourself motivated. Since the process is very long it is very easy to falter and get frustrated. These are the times when you need to tell yourself to get rejuvenated and start afresh. You need to keep reminding yourself of the bigger picture. Ofcourse your mentors will play their part here as well. But the major role is played by YOU here!


Keeping all these aspects in mind we have designed our programs so that you can have a One-stop destination for UPSC preparation!


Following are our Courses/Programs 2021 targeting different needs of Students

1. Integrated Learning Program (ILP) Basic, Plus(+), Connect+ -> CLICK HERE

2. IASBABA का इंटीग्रेटेड लर्निंग प्रोग्राम (ILP) ऑनलाइन – 2021 – नए प्रतिमानों एवं अद्वितीय विशेषताओं के साथ – अब हिंदी माध्यम में भी – प्रवेश आरंभ !!    -> CLICK HERE

3. All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS)  (ENGLISH & HINDI(हिंदी)) ->  CLICK HERE



P.S: You can take an informed decision by choosing the respective course according to your needs.

Please Note

ILP in English will start from 15th July, 2020

ILP in Hindi (हिंदी) will start from 30th July, 2020

But the ILP platform will be active from 1st July, 2020. First two VAN’s (Polity & Geography) & Babapedia will be provided on 1st July.



IASbaba Courses 2021 Comparison Chart


If there is one thing that separates a person who qualifies the exam and a person who does not is DISCIPLINE!!

One thing that, we can assure you is, we will give our 100% and we expect the same from our students.

So what are you waiting for? Come, join us …. Together we can create history !!

We are the ship and you are the sailor.  We will make sure that the ship is strongly built to sail you through all the up’s and down’s in the journey. But finally it is YOU, the sailor who has to manoeuvre and reach your destination!

We reiterate our AIM –

“To help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”


Thank You




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