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  • IAS baba
  • August 9, 2020
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Not losing hope:

It is very easy to be hopeful and enthusiastic about life when everything is going fine. Hope becomes all the more important and crucial when things are not going according to plan. Life at the core is a vast unknown of possibilities. Life cannot be defined by our terms and conditions. We cannot simply live in the arrogance and illusion that we are in control of life.

No. We cannot control life. Rather it is life that controls us. We only control a tiny part of our lives, and what we want to do with it. Life is too vast and too complex a phenomenon to fit it into every known human concept. By understanding the nature of life clearly, it becomes easy to deal with its uncertainties.

Mostly we human beings live in a reality of our own; totally oblivious to the reality around us. We are so focused on our way of life, that we forget to notice “the life” that is happening around us. When “the life” that is beyond our control begins to affect us personally, we very easily lose hope.

The difference between happiness and pain, success and failure, peace and chaos, is in learning how to deal with uncertainty. Our true strength of character arises when things are not going according to plan. The best and worst of what we are come out in moments of crisis.

With all that is going on around, it is very easy to lose hope. It is very easy to forget the long term perspective of life. Uncertainties can completely cloud your mind and stop you from seeing the obvious. The obvious fact about life is that it is long. Things swing between ups and downs, but eventually on a longer run, everything will fall into place, provided you are focused and positive.

These are the moments you can best use to develop your skills. These are the best moments of hibernation where you can brighten the color of your wings. Either you can use this time to complain, worry, and lose focus, or you can re-invent yourself.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Meditation Farm and IASBABA.”

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