Day 59 – Q 2. What diplomatic measures were taken in the recent past by India to isolate Pakistan at various global forums? Have these measures been effective? Critically examine. 

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  • August 17, 2020
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2. What diplomatic measures were taken in the recent past by India to isolate Pakistan at various global forums? Have these measures been effective? Critically examine. 

हाल ही में भारत द्वारा पाकिस्तान को विभिन्न वैश्विक मंचों पर अलगथलग करने के लिए कौन से राजनयिक उपाय किए गए थे? क्या ये उपाय प्रभावी रहे हैं? समालोचनात्मक जांच करें।

Demand of the question:

It expects students to write about India’s diplomatic measures to isolate Pakistan at various global forums. It also expects to probe both sides of effect of the measures.


Bilateral relations of India and Pakistan have been under the shadow of misunderstanding, tensions and wars since 1947.  To counter Pakistan, India has embarked upon a bi-dimensional strategy towards Pakistan. First, it has intensified its campaign to diplomatically isolate at various global forums. Secondly, it has inclined to use hard force when faced with terrorism.


Diplomatic measures taken  by India to isolate Pakistan at various global forums:

  • After the Pulwama attack steps to isolate Pakistan at various global forums  gained momentum.
  • India’s first official response to the Pulwama attack did include an appeal to all members of the international community to support the listing of Azhar under the UNSC committee and to ban terror groups operating from Pakistani territories.
  • The attempt was to expose Pakistans terror supporting policy, isolate it from the world and force Pakistan to take “visible, credible and prompt” action against JeM and other terror groups operating from Pakistani soil.
  • SAARC: Contentious relationship between the two important members of SAARC is the reason behind an unsuccessful journey of SAARC so far. 
  • Last year, India excluded Pakistan from the list of SAARC member countries which became part of its state-of-the art National Knowledge Network (NKN) for sharing scientific databases and remote access to advanced research facilities.
  • For regional groupings in South Asian region, India has shifted its focus from SAARC to BIMSTEC to isolate Pakistan in the regional scenario.
  • Also India successfully isolated Pakistan on the Kashmir issue at the United Nations (UN) . At UN Pakistan”s persistent, intensive diplomacy to internationalise the Kashmir issue faced checkmate with 189 of the 193 members repudiating it.
  • India also strived hard to pursue  Financial Action Task force to include Pakistan in its black list, however due to some unavoidable circumstances this move of India to isolate Pakistan at this global forum has not yielded fruits as FATF continued to mention Pakistan in its grey list.

Effect of measure to isolate Pakistan:

  • India has achieved success in getting Pakistan isolated even among Islamic countries, as the organisation of Islamic countries invited India for 50th anniversary meet despite the pressure from Pakistan’s side.
  • The isolation of Pakistan at global levels will help stop granting any aid to Pakistan, as it is reported for many of the times that Pakistan has used international aid to fund its terror activities across the border.
  • It will also put a check on the terror activities, as most of the flow of fund by Pakistan to terror outfits will stop.
  • It will also ensure to hamper Pakistan economically in international relations as Pakistan’s trade with other countries may get affected tremendously.
  • Its stature at the international forums, which in turn helps India to have greater and legitimate say when it comes to Kashmir issue on the International forum.
  • It will also help  to promote India’s more trustworthy image on the international forum.

Though these measures are useful to some extent following factors played a pivotal role in nullifying India’s efforts to isolate Pakistan:

  • China factor: The China has  supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue due to its vested interest in the China-Pakistan economic corridor. 
  • China also funded Pakistan when all other countries rejected an aid to China.
  • The roots of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism are so deep in Pakistan that it became Pakistan’s own headache. e.g. Attack on school in Peshawar.

For any meaningful conversation to take place between India and Pakistan terrorism has to come to an end. Also India needs to adopt more options to expose Pakistan at global forums rather than just opting to isolate Pakistan on global level.

  • Both countries can continue to have dialogues through forums such as SCO as big Asian Nations are part of it.

 Also, demanding a proof from Pakistan that it has left the policy of supporting terrorism, so that a mutually beneficial trade can be started.

  • Initiatives such as Kartrarpur corridor can go a long way in improving relations if implemented successfully. 


As on the global forum Pakistan is known as a “Mad child with loaded gun”, it becomes the responsibility of India to adopt a more modern and versatile approach to secure the sovereignty and integrity of India. 

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