[MOTIVATION] UPSC CSE Results 2019: Message to All Civil Service Aspirants – Beyond Success and Failure!

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  • August 7, 2020
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Dear Friends,

In many ways the day of announcement of final results by UPSC brings many nostalgic feelings for us. We have been doing this for the past 5 years after all. We know the ecstasy of the qualified and the dejection of the unselected equally and quite closely. What we have realised in these years can actually be summarised in three points.

First, behind the success of each candidate, lies a great personal story. We have seen the tenacity in the individuals to follow the arduous routine for years before success comes to them. We have witnessed the determination to cross all the hurdles that life may throw at them. We know that at the backdrop of the sweet fruits of success, lies a small history of bitter-sour failures. Therefore, all the successful candidates deserve appreciation and commendation. If you have succeeded this year, you deserve this and you have earned it.

Your story will inspire thousands of candidates and therefore, never shy away from sharing your experiences. Your individual story can ignite the passion of a student in a remote village of Bihar or even a highly paid IT employee working for an MNC in the US. Moreover, the real hard work has just begun for you. The journey as a civil servant is going to be challenging and satisfying at the same time. You are lucky to have got this wonderful opportunity to serve your country and countrymen. Use this opportunity to the fullest and spread happiness all around.

Second, no success is permanent and no failure is fatal. There are individuals who couldn’t get their names imprinted in that coveted PDF even after 3-4 attempts. Yet, they didn’t lose the motivation to succeed. When success finally came to them, it was the most fulfilling experience. Therefore, if you couldn’t clear this year, there is no point losing hope.

It is all about being in your time zone. Your time will come for sure – if not this year then maybe next year. What you need to do is to continue the momentum. Being lachrymose and sulking for days haven’t helped anyone succeed. Ruminate on the areas that require more attention, work on your shortcomings, practice even more and up the ante for next year. The blow this year can’t dissuade you from becoming better.

Third, a career in the civil services is a wonderful opportunity, but it is not the end of everything. We have met and worked with many wonderful and successful individuals who have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective careers, and surprise, they are not civil servants. Your decision to prepare for the civil services should be one of the many areas that you can explore to have a career in.

If your day starts with the dreams of becoming a bureaucrat and finishes with the determination that it is the only field for you, then you need to rediscover yourself. Having determination for pursuing one’s goal is absolutely fine, but to become fanatic about it, is never a good thing. We all have one life but the opportunities are many. Don’t get paranoid if success in civil services seems elusive to you. Maybe, a bright and shining career is waiting for you somewhere else.


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There will be a lot of ups and downs in the UPSC journey. But what we can assure you is we will be there with you throughout your journey and help you reach your destination.

Come.. Let’s give our 100% every day & create History Together …!!

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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