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  • October 11, 2020
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Long Term Approach:

It is very easy to keep looking at our feet to see where we are going, and forget the actual reason as to why we are going, and where exactly are we going. Life sometimes can be overwhelmingly complex that we forget to take a moment to assess our long term approach to it.

There is nothing inherently wrong in focusing on what’s happening in the present, or the immediate future. But when we become too obsessed with what we are doing now, we can very easily forget that life is long, and we cannot simply be lost in what is happening around us right now.

The reason why it is important to have a long term approach to life is obvious. Daily actions and activities are mainly necessity based; they are not based on the long term needs. When we become too occupied with the necessities of life, we can become blind to our actual long term needs and wants.

Having a long term approach means looking at your life in chunks of five or ten years, or even more than that to see it in totality. Long term approach to life lends a very different perspective to life. The vantage point from where we can see our lives from changes when looked at it long term.

The most important decisions of life about choosing the right people, finding the right job, choosing a place to live, or any other critical decision when approached with a long term perspective, will eventually seem to fall into place. Only on the longer run does life make any sense. Moment to moment, life is beautiful but totally meaningless.

Making medium to long term plans and directing your life accordingly will help you to stay focused and driven. Without a long term approach, it is very easy to get discouraged or feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, the simplest thing that can help us to deal with the challenges of life is having a long term approach to it.

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