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  • IAS baba
  • October 25, 2020
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Success is a mindset:

A lot of different ideas are floating around about success and how to achieve it. Probably there is more information out there in the world about how to succeed when compared to anything else that matters to us. This is because; everybody is obsessed with the idea of success. But the question is how many really understand the actual meaning of success?

Firstly, success is not an idea that you can pursue. Pursuing success as an idea is the single biggest mistake one can make. This is the mistake people make more often. They tend to think of success in terms of what to achieve and how to achieve it. They forget the most important thing about success, that it is not an idea.

If success is not an idea then what is it? Success is a mindset. There is an ocean of difference between an idea and mindset. An idea can never become a part of us. We can pursue it, we can run behind it, but we can never become it. On the other hand, a mindset is something we can pursue, find and keep it for ourselves. Successful people can pretty much succeed at anything, because they have cultivated the mindset of success.

Those who have not cultivated the mindset of success will simply chase big dreams and desires never to reach them, or even if they reach them, they end up being disappointed. There will always be some gap between an idea and you, and this gap will always keep you searching for more. This gap will never keep you at peace.

Cultivating a mindset of success is about focusing on the fundamentals of life, instead of its mechanics. For example, if you are finding it hard to stay focused and complete a task, instead of trying to understand why you are not able to complete that task, you should focus on your attitude towards time and how to approach it differently.

Similarly, you can go back to the fundamentals of life in almost everything you do. Instead of worrying too much about the activity, pay more attention to the process behind that activity. We human beings have enormous depth from where our wisdom and understanding of life comes from. Tapping into this inner wisdom and developing a successful mindset will help you succeed at anything.

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