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  • IAS baba
  • December 6, 2020
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Success is not a choice:

Pursuing success in life is not a choice but an inevitable fact. There is simply no other way to life. We have heard arguments on both sides of success. There are those who have said that nothing is more important than succeeding, and then there are those who have argued that being happy and contented is more important than mindlessly running behind success. Who is right? Is success really a choice? Can one be happy and contented without success?

The biggest flaw in the argument against success is that it assumes that to succeed one has to sacrifice happiness and peace of mind, when in fact success itself can be a path to happiness. We fail to look at success beyond its narrow definition of achieving a goal. Success is a lot more than just achieving some goal. It is a complete way of life.

Success is not just about achieving, name, fame, wealth or comfort; it is about living life on one’s own terms. More than anything else, success is about pursuit of a higher life and the freedom it offers. When we are searching for success, we are in fact searching for freedom; it could be financial freedom, intellectual freedom, social freedom etc. Success and freedom are inextricably linked.

When we pursue success, we are pursuing our innermost desire to move towards a certain destination. In this sense, success is a lot more than just showing people that you are successful. It is about knowing with absolutely certainty what success actually means to you and then pursuing it.

Beyond all the external factors that push us to succeed, the most important driving force for success is inbuilt within us. There is simply no way to escape this deep inner desire. We are either striving to succeed, or striving to fail; there is simply no way to simply remain stagnant.

Instead of looking at success as a conflict between desires and contentment, comfort and struggle, it makes more sense to look at it as a simple and complete way of life. When we fully realize that there is simply no other way to life other than striving to succeed at something, it becomes extraordinarily easy to strive for success.

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