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  • January 3, 2021
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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

They say resolutions are only made to be broken.

Yes, eventually all our resolutions simply disappear into the vast void which is our mind, but when you do decide to set a resolution, at least you are giving yourself an opportunity to make something better in your life, and at best you might actually see it come true.

We can set resolutions throughout the year, whenever we feel the need for it.

We can set them when we need to reset our lagging old habits and make some important changes. We can set them when in a nice positive state of mind, in the mood to accomplish something. Or, set it when someone reminds us that it’s time to change certain things.

Of all the different times when you can set your resolution, the beginning of the year, when the whole world is in the mood to let go of the past and start something new is the best time.

Yes, the New Year’s Day is just another day in your life, but it is a psychologically very important day that can help you to anchor your new habits to your new life.

Take some time and set a resolution. Let it be big, bold and realistic. Set a new vision for your life, and try and follow up on it regularly.

Don’t let others discourage you by saying that everybody sets a New Year’s resolution only to break it. Set a resolution that you will eventually come to realize the importance of.

If you can find some bold and innovative resolutions for this New Year, share it with others.

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