[New Initiative] ACE THE PRELIMS (ATP) 2021 – Begin Your UPSC Journey with New Energy!!

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  • January 2, 2021
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Ace the Prelims (ATP), IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan, Important Updates
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Dear Friends,

The way ATP molecules provide energy to every single cell of our body and help us in achieving our day to day tasks, similarly, the ‘Ace the Prelims (ATP) 2021’ Programme will help in providing energy and direction to your prelims preparation and push you beyond the cutoff of Prelims 2021.

For majority of aspirants, the imagination of Prelims exam causes many sleepless nights. We find it quite natural. After all the chances of success is the least in the Prelims exam. With increasing number of participants and shrinking seats in UPSC, cracking the preliminary stage is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of the preparation process. Once you have cracked this stage, the going gets easier after that (at least in terms of the competition).

We have seen many deserving aspirants failing in the Prelims exam. Most of them either underestimate this stage or leave a lot for later stage. You must understand that the objective of UPSC in the Prelims stage is to eliminate aspirants from the competition. The questions are designed in a manner that force aspirants to commit silly mistakes. The paper also contains questions that are supposed to be left unattempted to avoid the debilitating impact of negative marking. It requires really good preparation and positive frame of mind to excel in the Prelims exam. 

So, what is the best way to prepare? Well, you know the answer! Practice, practice and practice. Expose yourself to as many questions as possible on a daily basis. Commit mistakes and learn from them. Develop the skills to know which questions to attempt and which ones to leave. Most importantly, maintain a high quality throughout your journey. 

We have always focused on quality over quantity. We strongly believe that solving 2000 quality questions with proper explanations can do the trick for you. With an information overload in age of internet, IASbaba’s USP has been the quality of its initiatives, reflected in 60 Days, ILP, PEP, TLP, TRP and so on. 

Continuing our good work, we are happy to announce, Ace the Prelims (ATP) 2021. This year, we have endeavoured to make the programme even more comprehensive and detailed by incorporating additional elements into the initiative. The Programme will start from 4th January 2021 (Monday).

** Please Note, this is a FREE initiative targetting UPSC Prelims 2020!


Ace the Prelims (ATP) – 2021 will include

1. Daily Static Quiz (PYQs) 

It has been observed over the years that many questions/topics have been repeated in the Prelims exam from the Previous year questions (PYQs). For instance questions on Universal Declaration of Human rights, Papikonda National Park , Welfare State, Gandhi-Irwin Pact, IAEA among others.

Despite emphasising the importance of the PYQs many candidates end up neglecting it. So we thought, inculcating this in the daily routine will not help you in covering the PYQs parallelly but also help you in maximizing your score in UPSC Prelims 2021. Hence we have come up with this unique initiative.

  • Here we will cover the Previous Year Questions (2020) Subject wise from Monday to Saturday.
  • Everyday 5 Questions will be updated along with the explanation.
  • Please note that this initiative will start from 4th January and will continue till the end of our flagship initiative – 60 Day Plan (till the month of May 2021).


  • Week 1 – Polity
  • Week 2 – Economics
  • Week 3 – History and Art & Culture
  • Week 4 – Geography
  • Week 5 – Environment and Science & Technology

Same cycle will be repeated from Week 6.


2. Daily CSAT Practice Test

CSAT (Paper 2), has become an achilles heel for many candidates. For the past 3 – 4 years, students have relatively found it easier to score well in GS Paper 1 but they have faltered in CSAT paper. Also since the paper is only qualifying, many students have taken it for granted and their lack of practice has cost them their attempt. Hence, equal attention should be given to CSAT. Considering the need of hour, we have come up with CSAT practice tests.

  • Here every day 5 Questions from Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension will be covered from Monday to Saturday.
  • This initiative will start from 4th January.


3. Daily Current Affair Quiz

We all know the importance of Current Affairs in qualifying the prelims exam. Many students read bulky compilations, but forget to understand that the best method to remember the concepts is through reverse engineering. Daily Current Affairs Quiz, will help you in understanding the type of questions that are being asked in UPSC and how to approach them.

  • Here Everyday 5 Questions will be updated from Monday to Saturday.
  • This initiative will start from 4th January.


4. 60 Days Plan 

Our flagship 60 Day programme is one of the most trusted and famous initiatives amongst aspirants for preparing for the Prelims exam, so much so that one can’t imagine his/her daily preparation schedule without 60 Day.

  • The Programme will start from 2nd week of March 2021. 
  • Once the program starts, the daily current affairs quiz will be merged with the 60 Day plan.

Complete details and schedule of 60 Day plan will be published in March 2021.

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We are committed to work hard for you and with you. We will do what it takes for a mentor to ensure the pupil’s success. Do you have what it takes to become an ideal student? Of course you do. 

Let us buckle up and give our best. 

With the New Year, hope the josh is high! and if it is, leave your comments below with the hashtag #aceprelims2021

All the Best 🙂

IASbaba Team

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