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  • February 14, 2021
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How to calm your mind:

The Self has an inherent desire to go beyond suffering – both internal and external. Eventually, your Self recognizes, “As long as I am listening to the mind, suffering is a never-ending process for me.” This is where it introduces the language of quieting the mind, because it has recognized that the mind is disturbing you.

This desire to go beyond your internal suffering is the reason why you keep telling yourself, “I want to quieten my mind. My mind is disturbing me.” But, just constantly telling yourself to quieten the mind is of no use. In fact, by doing so, you are only adding more thoughts to your mind, agitating it more, which is the exact opposite of quieting the mind.

The way to quieten the mind is to move from thoughts to the center of your being. The way to do this is by observing thoughts so much that they lose their power to hold you at the surface. A thought, when clearly observed, loses its mystical power to control you.

Slowly, with regular practice of watching your thoughts, you can disentangle yourself from the constant attachment to thoughts, and slip to the center of your being. All disturbances are at the surface of the mind. When you reach to the depths of your being, there is nothing there except an abundance of peace and bliss.

Intellectually, you can ask questions like, “What is a thought? How do I go beyond the disturbance of the mind? How can I quieten the mind?” You can keep on asking these questions, but the most important thing you can do is ensure that you are in the experiential process of watching your thoughts regularly. As long as you are making a conscious effort to watch your thoughts, you are moving toward your internal silence.

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