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  • July 4, 2021
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Self Talk:

Because we are never silent, we are always talking to ourselves, we are always telling something to ourselves, and that is where our neuron associations are being built. That is where our habits are being created. That is where the foundation of our emotions are being created. Our fears, our frustrations, our understanding of the world – everything is created in those silent conversations. When you speak, you are only expressing what was already there.

When you are actually using words and you are speaking out loud, you’re not creating anything. You’re just bringing out whatever that’s already there in your mind. When you are quiet, when you’re just taking a walk, doing nothing, those are the moments when what you call you, that identity called you is being shaped.

From the outside, you are silent the majority of the time; when you sleep you are silent, when you are sitting in front of the computer you’re silent. Only when you’re interacting with people, when you have to get certain things done, when you feel like sharing something, do you speak. Otherwise, you are entertaining yourself all the time by talking to yourself, criticizing, arguing, complaining, cracking jokes. You do this all the time on the inside, and that is why even when there are no people around you, you are still sane, you’ve not gone mad. 

You have created these multiple personalities, these multiple voices with whom you can have your conversations, fight with, or you can even cry without any external input. You can just close your eyes, keep talking to yourself, and at the end of the conversation, you can actually cry. The source of it is right there. All you need to do is bring out a painful memory, start having a conversation with it, starting interacting with it, and you will cry. It’s the same with laughter; if you want to laugh, just access a nice, wonderful memory, a joke or whatever you would like.

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