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  • September 13, 2021
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Dear Friends,

Starting anything afresh is difficult; maintaining the momentum is even more arduous. Enthusiasm and initial vigor wane down with time. It is natural and happens with almost everyone. However, it is important that the cycle continues. For every new moon, there is a full moon. The same goes with your preparation also. The phases of low energy and inertia must be replaced by a phase of renewed vigor and determination. Ultimately, it’s not the effort that you put in your studies that matters; rather it’s your willingness to wake out of slumber and prolonged despondency that makes you successful.

Our energy levels fluctuate and a dip is observed when we get bored or we have doubts in our minds. However, the worst of this lot is complacency. Even if a great player like Virat Kohli gets complacent and stops his training, he will be out of form soon. Similarly, even the legends like Sachin Tendulkar had seen the blues in his career because of doubts.

We urge you to identify the cause that is creating the inertia of idleness and despondency for you. Let us remind you that the race you have decided to participate in, is a tough one and there are many contenders who are better placed and are putting their 100% right now. You have got a lot of catch-ups to do and at the same time maintain the lead that you have over others. That requires sustained efforts and the willingness to put that extra bit that will push you to reach your potential. See, preparing for the civil services examination is just like a test match. You have to be patient, alert, and consistent to build your innings. You can’t afford to be adventurous and start slogging in the middle. Of course, it takes time but the end result is sweet.

At the outset, we at IASbaba would like to congratulate all our followers for making the Integrated Learning Program (ILP) a big success over the last couple of years and even bigger this year!

Nothing can replace quality, passion, and pedigree for which IASBaba has become the name for!

Since launching ILP-2022, we have received a couple to hundreds of emails asking for:

  • Is it the right time to join ILP-2022?
  • It is already September and I haven’t even started with the preparation. Should I join ILP? How will ILP be beneficial at this stage?
  • How do I go about my preparation if I join ILP now?
  • ILP is an intensive program having daily coverage and regular tests. I am already lagging behind. How should I go about this?

We have tried to address those queries personally. However, here, we are trying to dispel the most prevalent doubts that we have received from our followers. We hope that these clarifications would make you take the right decision and you would start with a new zeal and energy.

How will I cover left/missed portions of the plan if I join now?

Backlog: You have to anyway cover them in the future. Isn’t it? UPSC syllabus remains the same and the examination will be common to all! Even if you intend to start now, you have to prepare for it completely.

It is a psychological blockade that you are behind the plan. Though we started on 2nd August, you can designate the day you join as Day 1 of your schedule and proceed. Else you can also start with the current schedule and in parallel prepare from the previous schedule so that you pace yourself according to the plan.

Two months before prelims, you will have enough time to revise everything.

There are aspirants who joined our ILP with just a couple of months left for prelims last year and yet cleared prelims. Hence it is more about commitment and consistency. Our content and planning will organize you more and also let you focus on quality learning.

So, we see no reason why cannot you use it to the fullest even now! Even as we speak close to half a hundred aspirants subscribe every day and start their journey.

If you are starting now, then – 

Study the Plan carefully – Static portions are clearly given, value add notes (VAN) are also updated according to the couse plan.

You can pick the value add for a particular module; cover it as early as possible. It covers almost all the important and necessary stuff; it will become an easy task for you to understand the relevant concepts.

For current affairs – follow Babapedia (Prelimspedia and Mainspedia) (Folder name- JULY 2021, SEPTEMBER 2021, OCTOBER 2021). Look inside. Date-wise updates are there. You can follow the same and prepare for the test.

Watch this video on How to Use Bababapedia – CLICK HERE

Similarly, if you start with the ongoing plan, then also you can prepare previous tests in parallel. Go slow but learn in the process.

Also, if you go through the Schedule, you’d notice that the course ends before Prelims 2022 itself. Even if you join late (September, October) half of the Mains Exclusive Modules can be covered comprehensively after the Prelims Exam.

For those who are not able to catch up with the Plan

What if you were not a part of ILP?

Then also you had to finish everything according to the syllabus.

So, with the same time at your disposal, here you are getting a well-chalked-out micro plan, quality content, and guidance. And according to the plan a well-specified source to follow, which can guide you and prevent distractions. You need to remember that proper planning is very important otherwise you will keep on wandering till the end, and then panic before the exam.

Please do not give yourself the false satisfaction that you are preparing.

 Our suggestions

  • At least you have quality content at your disposal.
  • Prepare from that and revise properly.
  • Take up the tests even if it is delayed due to personal issues.
  • Do retrospective learning and learn all the concepts from the tests.

Some Valuable Suggestions for Smart Preparation

How are you revising from Tests and Babapedia? What will you do 1 month before the PRELIMS 2022 Exam?

Will you sit again and download the test pdfs and start solving them again?

If you do that, you will only end up doing mechanical work!

We suggest the following:

Make different sets of Note Books for Economy, S&T, Environment, History, Geography, and Polity – Only for Tests

Suppose you are done with the first Module of the Polity Test comprising of 100 Questions from CA and Polity.

100 Questions will expose you to more than 200 related concepts. One Test – 200 Solid Concepts

  • Write it down in Polity Note Book
  • Do the same for all polity tests.
  • The revision will become a cakewalk for you
  • Since carrying this notebook will not be a problem, you can revise it anywhere and anytime.

By the end of all Modules, you’ll have revised a particular subject at least thrice – 1st Reading through the Standard Book, 2nd through Value-Add Notes, 3rd through tests. And before the Prelims exam, you’ll have enough time to revise it again at least twice.

(Imagine all those concepts in your respective notebook in revision friendly mode)

The same way make different notebooks for current affairs from Babapedia.

“Try to understand the importance of smart work”

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