The Chalcolithic cultures of Central India

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  • December 17, 2021
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The Chalcolithic cultures of Central India

Part of: Prelims – Culture

A. Excavation at Eran: Eran (ancient Airikina) is situated on the left bank of the Bina (ancient Venva) river and surrounded by it on three sides. 

  • The recent excavation at this site, during 2020-21, has unearthed a variety of antiquities including a copper coin, an iron arrowhead, terracotta bead, stone beads along with a copper coins, stone celt, beads of steatite and jasper, glass, carnelian, terracotta wheel, animal figurines, miniature pots, iron objects, stone querns, pestles and a red slipped terracotta with inscription in Devnagari. 
  • The occurrence of few specimens of plain, thin grey ware is noteworthy.  
  • The use of iron was evidenced by few metallic objects at the site. 

B. Excavation at Tewar: Tewar (Tripuri) village is located 12 km west of Jabalpur district on Jabalpur – Bhopal highway. 

  • During 2020-21 ASI conducted excavation of Tewar at two locations, this excavation did not reach the natural soil and revealed four folds of cultural sequences i.e. Kushana, Shunga, Satvahana, and Kalachuri. 
  • Antiquarian remains in this excavation include viz remains of sculptures, hopscotch, terracotta balls, Iron nails, copper coins, terracotta beads, implements of Iron and terracotta figurine, in ceramics red ware, black ware, red slipped ware with shapes of handi, bowl, spouted pot, small pot, big jar, etc., structural remains consist of brick wall and structure of sandstone columns.

News Source: PIB

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