Day 36 – Q 1. How does politicisation of appointments to constitutional posts affect democratic governance? Analyse. (10 Marks)

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  • March 7, 2022
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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1. How does politicisation of appointments to constitutional posts affect democratic governance? Analyse. (10 Marks)

संवैधानिक पदों पर नियुक्तियों का राजनीतिकरण लोकतांत्रिक शासन को कैसे प्रभावित करता है? विश्लेषण करें।


Candidates need to write about politicization of the Constitutional post also analyze how it is affecting the Democratic governance. 


Politicization is a practice in which the political party winning an election rewards its campaign workers and other active supporters by appointment to constitutional or government posts and with other favours it’s known as patronage system. 


Constitutional bodies are those bodies which are mentioned in the constitution and receive their power and authority from the constitution. For eg. UPSC, CAG etc.

Politicization of appointment affect the Democratic governance:

  • Constitutional posts are vested with such important responsibility and function which helps them in ensuring the accountability. With making the political appointment the agenda of such bodies are sacrificed.
  • During the last few years, the governors of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and, of course, West Bengal have played their roles in such a way as to make them highly controversial without necessarily adding to the glory of the office. 
  • Due to political posting there are delays in conducting the inquiry and in delivering judgements. Also, there is a perception that the Commission tends to confirm the government’s position on most cases. 
  • National commission for SC and ST: The atrocities and backwardness of majority of people under SC are still continuing even after 70 years of independence. They have failed to secure the forest rights, welfare of ST’s which can be seen in their social indicators.
  • For example incidents like dalit lynching in Una, Gujarat; caste related honour killings in Haryana shows that the NCSC or NCST as been ineffective in delivering. 
  • Majority of State service commissions have been embroiled in controversies like corruption, nepotism etc.
  • Despite playing the most important role CAG has gone through challenges due to it’s political appointment there are many task unexamined by the CAG under pressure of the government. 
  • Election Commission being the supreme authority to conduct free and fair elections many times come under hammer of the government. For example “directive” from the PMO has raised concerns about the independent functioning of the Commission, whose autonomy successive CECs have sought to protect zealously.


Constitutional bodies are said to be of utmost importance in maintaining accountability but due to politicization as mentioned previously, they are not able to function to their fullest potential. If these issues are addressed on war footing, then they can achieve their goal as stipulated.

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