Day 74 – Q 3. Examine the significance of robust intelligence for internal security. What are the key elements for the success of intelligence agencies? Discuss. (15 Marks)

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  • April 14, 2022
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3. Examine the significance of robust intelligence for internal security. What are the key elements for the success of intelligence agencies? Discuss. (15 Marks)

आंतरिक सुरक्षा के लिए सुदृढ़ आसूचना के महत्व का परीक्षण कीजिए। आसूचना एजेंसियों की सफलता के लिए प्रमुख तत्व क्या हैं? चर्चा करें।


Candidates need to examine the significance of robust intelligence for internal security. Also discuss the key elements for the success of intelligence agencies. 


Any fight against terrorism, insurgency and internal security would be incomplete without a strong and a robust intelligence network, feedback or its analysis. 

The significance of robust intelligence for internal security

  • In India there is a thin line between external security threat and internal security threat. We live with an aggressive neighbourhood. 
  • National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) was created in 2012 and due to some circumstances, it slowed down. The present government is reviving it to give it a practical shape. This is known to be a robust intelligence gathering mechanism.
  • By recognizing patterns on the network and clustering them, AI proceeds to detect any deviations or security incidents from the norm before responding to them. 
  • Potential threats with similar traits to those recorded get blocked early enough. 
  • The fact that AI keeps learning makes it difficult for hackers to beat its intelligence. 
  • All the intelligence agencies in the country sit together, coordinate and analyse all the intelligence information available and analyse the real threat and pass on to agencies which are required to take counter action.
  • Technology that uses AI, such as a residential proxy, can help you to transfer data. 
  • It can also detect and identify any threats hidden in the sea of chaotic traffic
  • The present scenario of the country is that the threat from outside is not only along borders but anywhere in the country. All the states have to remain alert and they have to coordinate and share the intelligence gathered. In the same manner centre should also share the intelligence with the sates.

The key elements for the success of intelligence agencies

For the success of intelligence agencies, the following key elements are generally required:

  • No counter terrorism programme in the world would be complete without use of the latest technology. 
  • With the coordination of Technology intelligence and human intelligence we can get real time information which is required for action against the terrorist threat or any other threat to the country.
  • The robust intelligence that tips off to an impending cyberattack or any attack on internal security should be timely. Putting together the indications that an attack was coming after it already happened is not.
  • At its core, intelligence must be of value to the end consumer. In order to achieve that goal, it must be actionable, timely, and relevant. Data feeds are often timely, but because they are predicated on volume, they are rarely actionable or relevant. 
  • The foundation of the threat intelligence ecosystem is, and always will be, data. No intelligence program can survive without data. 


The increasing rate of cyber-attacks has posed a great challenge in the recent times. AI gives the much-needed analysis and threat identification that can be used by security professionals to minimize breach risk and enhance security posture. AI can help discover and prioritize risks, direct incident response, and identify malware attacks before they come into the picture. So, even with the potential downsides, AI will serve to drive cybersecurity forward and help organizations create a more robust security posture

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