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  • Nagara Style Temple Architecture: Vishwanatha temple & Lakshman Temple 
  • Kandariya Mahadeva Temple: Built by Chandela Rulers, King Ganda (Shiva in the form of linga is the chief deity); Under the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites
  • Lakshamana Temple: 
    • The temples at Khajuraho are all made of sandstone. 
    • They were patronised by the Chandella dynasty.
    • The Lakshamana temple represents the full-fledged, developed style of temple architecture during the time of the Chandellas. 
    • Its construction was completed by 954, the year as per the inscription found at the base of the temple, by Yashovarman, the seventh ruler of the Chandella dynasty.
    • The temple plan is of a panchayana type.
    • The temple is constructed on a heavy plinth. It consists of an ardhamandapa (porch), mandapa (porch), the maha mandapa (greater hall) and the garbhagriha with vimana.
    • Many erotic sculptures are carved on the plinth wall. Some erotic sculptures are carved on the actual wall of the temple. 
      • Khajuraho complex of temples is an excellent example of sculptures representing women in different roles. For example, on Kandariya Laxmana temple we can see a women with a purse in hand purchasing stuff from market showcases economic independence and her ability to make choice.
      • Erotic sculptures, where we can see women are supremely confident when it comes to exploring their sexuality. Practice of polyandry is evident on temple walls. (part of the Hindu tradition of treating kama as an essential and proper part of human life)
    • An image of Chaturmukha Vishnu is in the garbhagriha. 
    • There are four shrines in each corner of the temple. There are images of Vishnu in three shrines and Surya in one, which can be identified by the central image on the lintel of the shrine-doors.

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