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  • May 22, 2022
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Power of Observation:

When you drink a cup of tea, you experience the warmth of the tea, the taste of the tea, the smell of the tea, and the pleasure of drinking it. Now, are all these happening to you or your body? Is it you who is interested in the tea or is it your body?

By using your ability to discriminate, you can clearly see that drinking a cup of tea is purely an experience of the body; you are only the observer of this entire process. How can you be sure about this? Let’s say, if the tea is too hot, would you still like it the same way? Obviously not, because it will burn your mouth, and your body will immediately reject it.

The entire experience of drinking a cup of tea is a conditioned experience of the body. The body has gotten used to liking the tea in a certain way, and craves for the experience. If there was no separation between you and your body, then why do you constantly fight with the desires of your body? There is a conflict, because the desires of your body and you are different. This, by itself, should tell you that you are something more than your body.

A keen sense of observation will help you to stay in the present moment and observe your mind and body. This process by itself will slowly deepen your understanding of life. All this might sound a bit silly until you try it, but once you get into the habit of observing your mind and body, it can get very entertaining and illuminating.

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