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  • IAS baba
  • June 5, 2022
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Quest for your true self:

Whatever you call the Self, whatever it is that you are searching for, is already in its state of perfection. You are on a quest to find this Self because you are entangled in the mind. The Self is always free and complete. This might be a little difficult to understand, because you have always recognized your mind as your Self. In reality, your mind is nothing but a collection of thoughts and your Self is a transcendental phenomenon of existence.

Because you are so entangled in your mind and thoughts, you have separated yourself from the center of life, where the Self resides.

Everything in existence has a center and a periphery. The center is always the Self, and the periphery is always the mind. When you separate yourself from the center, you simply become the peripheral mind, in which everything is disconnected.

For example, when you look at a tree, you think that you are looking at a totally different entity of life, which is separate from you.  But in reality, the life that is illuminating that tree is the same life that is illuminating you. At the center of all living things, there is an inseparable aliveness. Of course, you cannot see this because you are looking at everything through your mind.

Listen to the mind, and have conversations with it, but don’t let your mind control you. Learn to recognize that you are having a conversation with your mind. Constantly remain aware of yourself, your body, and be in the present moment. The state of being is what you are missing in life.

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