Artemis 1

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  • August 31, 2022
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In News: The launch of a keenly awaited space mission that is being seen as the start of a new age in space exploration had to be put off due to some problems.

  • NASA’s Artemis 1 mission is aimed at exploring the Moon with the specific objective of getting human beings back on the lunar surface and possibly beyond — to Mars and elsewhere.

Artemis 1

  • Artemis 1 is all about laying the foundations for more complex and ambitious missions.
  • It is carrying several payloads in the form of small satellites called CubeSats, each of which is equipped with instruments meant for specific investigations and experiments.
  • Then there are biology experiments, investigating the behaviour of small organisms like fungi and algae in outer space, and the effect of radiation, especially the reaction on their genes.
  • The Orion spacecraft, which is specifically designed to carry astronauts into deep space on future missions, will have three dummy ‘passengers’ — mannequins made of material that mimic human bones, skin, and soft tissue.
  • These would be equipped with a host of sensors to record the various impacts of deep space atmosphere on the human body.
  • The rocket that is being used for the Artemis missions, called Space Launch System, or SLS, is the most powerful ever built.
  • The giant, 98-metre-tall rocket, weighing 2,500 tonnes, can help the Orion spacecraft achieve speeds of over 36,000 km per hour, and take it directly to the Moon.

Previous Year Question

Q.1) “The experiment will employ a trio of spacecraft flying in formation in the shape of an equilateral triangle that has sides one million kilometres long, with lasers shining between the craft”. The experiment in question refers to (2020)

  1. Voyager
  2. New Horizons
  3. LISA Pathfinder
  4. Evolved LISA


Source: Indian Express

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