Modhera Sun Temple

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  • October 12, 2022
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History and Art and Culture
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Context: Prime Minister of India recently witnessed the 3D light and sound show explaining the importance of the centuries-old Sun temple built during the Chalukya dynasty.

About Sun Temple at Modhera:

  • It was built in 1026-27 CE during the reign of Bhima I of the Solanki dynasty and is a protected monument maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.
  • The temple complex is divided into three components:
    • Gudhamandapa, the shrine hall,
    • Sabhamandapa, the assembly hall and
    • Kunda, the reservoir.
  • The temple is suspected to have been built to commemorate the defense of Modhera by Bhima I against Mahmud of Ghazni.
  • The temple complex is built in Maru-Gurjara style also known as Solanki style.
  • The exclusively carved temple complex and the magnificently sculpted kund are jewels in the art of masonry of the Solanki period apparently which was also known as the Golden Age of Gujarat.

Modheshwari Mata Temple:

  • The temple is located near the ruins of famous Sun Temple, where another original place of worship is situated below the step-well.
  • This temple is very famous amongst the Modh clan of Gujarat as Goddess Modheshwari is considered as the deity of the Modh clan.
  • The Goddess Modheshwari is believed to be a form of Goddess Parvati and is known for having 18 arms with each arm carrying various weapons to protect the clan from danger.

Other Important Sun Temples in India:

  • Sun Temple at Konark, Odisha
  • Martand Sun temple, Kashmir
  • Katarmal Sun Temple, Uttarakhand
  • Dakshinarkaa temple Gaya, Bihar
  • Bhramanya temple, Unao, Madhya Pradesh
  • Surya Prahaar temple, Assam
  • Suryanar Kovil Temple at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu
  • Suryanarayana temple at Arasavalli, Andhra Pradesh

Source: Hindustan Times

Previous Year Questions

Q.1) Consider the following pairs:

King                                     Dynasty

  1. Nannuka                              Chandela
  2. Jayashakti                           Paramara
  3. Nagabhata II                      Gurjara-Pratihara
  4. Bhoja                                   Rashtrakuta

How many pairs given above are correctly matched? (2022)

  1. Only one pair
  2. Only two pairs
  3. Only three pairs
  4. All four pairs

Q.2) Consider the following events in the history of India :

  1. Rise of Pratiharas under King Bhoja
  2. Establishment of Pallava power under Mahendravarman – I
  3. Establishment of Chola power by Parantaka – I
  4. Pala dynasty founded by Gopala

What is the correct chronological order of the above events, starting from the earliest time?  (2020)

  1. 2-1-4-3
  2. 3-1-4-2
  3. 2-4-1-3
  4. 3-4-1-2


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